Blue Lacuna — 122 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Cellar

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Old-Tumble-Cellar is a room in Homeworld. "The great pillars of the lodge loom large in this cellar, a cold, empty space now that you and Rume have finally finished cleaning it out. The floor is stained and peppered with browning pine needles and ghosts of rotting foodstuffs left by residents long gone.[paragraph break]Behind the steep stairs back [up] to the Kitchen is a bone-cold rock wall, on which hangs [if homemade outfit is not worn]your traveling [o]clothes[x] and [end if]a mounted grey moose [o]head[x][tutorial-cellar].". The printed name of Old-Tumble-Cellar is "Tumble Cellar". The prose name of Old-Tumble-Cellar is "the cellar".

The grey moose head is a setpiece in Old-Tumble-Cellar. The description is "Its mangy fur is not that attractive; its rack not of a size to impress. But on cold nights when you come down here to stare into its blank dead eyes, you remember what it means to you, hanging on the wall of your home.[paragraph break]Your home.[paragraph break]And in a sudden shattering you live that night again: staggering through the woods while the old trapper died, despite all Rume's care could do; confusion and doubt echoing through you at the thought that here, perhaps, was your chance, your one chance to give up everything you'd shaped your life around, and get back everything you'd given up. As you stared at the dying moose, its blood seeping into the snow, you thought you'd decided. Decided to stay.[paragraph break]But the Call has hit you strong, like a current of cold electricity. Perhaps you never did decide. Perhaps you only put off the choice until another cold and lonely night. And now once again you stare into the eyes of the stiff grey creature and wonder.". Instead of hugging or touching moose head, say "The fur is stiff and ice-cold.". Instead of taking moose head, say "No. It too will remain, once you have gone.".

Report going from Old-Tumble-Cellar to Kitchen: say "Shivering, you climb the steps back into the kitchen, shutting the trapdoor behind you with a heavy groan.".

The homemade outfit is a wearable undescribed thing in Old-Tumble-Cellar. Understand "threadbare" or "traveling" or "clothes" as outfit. The description is "[if The-Path-Of-Love has happened or The-Path-Of-Love is happening]You've passed through several sets of clothes in your years at the Tumble, and always made them yourself, for reasons you could never quite explain[else]Years and worlds ago you stitched these clothes, crude but now comfortable, broken in, one of the few familiar trappings of your schizophrenic life. They come with you, each time you Wayfare, because you made them yourself, with your own hands. And only because of that[end if].". Instead of touching homemade outfit: say "The familiar threads are as comfortable and well-worn as a good pair of boots.".

First report wearing homemade outfit when location is regionally in Homeworld: say "With hands steady on the surface but somehow trembling deep within the bone, you take down the old battered clothes with something like reverence. As you slip into them you can already feel yourself start to let this world go, and the Call itches more deeply, turning your mind to the next world you must paint, the next place to be." instead.

First report taking the homemade outfit when the homemade outfit is not worn:

try wearing the homemade outfit;

if homemade outfit is worn, stop the action.

Instead of taking off homemade outfit when location is regionally in Homeworld: say "Now that you wear them again, you can't imagine yourself without them.".

After wearing homemade outfit: remove bathrobe from play; continue the action.

The printed name of outfit is "traveling clothes". The indefinite article of outfit is "your".