Blue Lacuna — 121 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Kitchen

Kitchen is a room in Homeworld. Kitchen is south of Homeworld-Studio. The description of Kitchen is "[kitchendesc].". To say kitchendesc: say "The spacious main floor of the lodge is divided into two halves by the stream running through its center. This side is for practical things: flat countertops and spacious pine [o]cupboards[x] and a clatter of hanging pots, pans, and skewers. Rugged chairs at a small round [o]table[x] overlook the stream's tiny [o]pool[x][rumehwbit].[paragraph break][exits][tutorial-kitchen]". The exits text of Kitchen is "A slanted [d]trapdoor[x] leads to the cellar, opposite the path [d]across[x] the stream, while the staircase curves [up] to the balcony". Understand "across" or "studio" as north when location is Kitchen. The prose name of Kitchen is "the kitchen".

Kitchen-stuff is stuff in Kitchen. Understand "lodge/halves/center/side/practical/half" as Kitchen-stuff when location is Kitchen.

A slanted trapdoor is down from Kitchen and up from Old-Tumble-Cellar. A slanted trapdoor is a door. It is closed and undescribed. Understand "cellar" as trapdoor. Understand "bring matches to cellar" or "take matches to cellar" as a mistake ("Bare matches would blow out in the drafty air down there.").

First check opening slanted trapdoor: if Rume is attentive, say "Not while Rume is still talking. You owe [if Rume is male]him[else]her[end if] that, at least." instead; if player is not holding lamp or lamp is unlit, say "You swing the trapdoor open, but the darkness is impenetrable, and a draft of cold air billows up. You carefully latch it shut again." instead.

Check going down in Kitchen when trapdoor is closed: try opening trapdoor; if trapdoor is closed, stop the action.

Instead of examining trapdoor, try going down.

Report going from Kitchen to Old-Tumble-Cellar: say "Holding the lamp steady, you descend carefully into the frigid chill and dark of the cellar.".

Report opening trapdoor: say "You swing the groaning old trapdoor open." instead.

The front door is a setpiece in Homeworld-Studio. The description is "[one of]You swing the heavy oaken door open, pulling swirls of ice-cold air with it, and step out for a moment onto the small porch. [paragraph break]The smell of pines and indistinct snowdrifts peppered with cones and needles surround you. Above the piercing clarity of the stars shine in a cloudless sky. You stare up at them, lungs shivering in the knife-cold air, your companions through this lifelong sojourn of worlds. Not specific stars, not the changing constellations from world to world, but the stars as a whole, ever-present, fused through your life into one metacosmic night sky. [paragraph break]But you're not dressed for cold. Leaving breath crystals quivering in the air, you retreat back into warmth and shut the door[or]There's nothing out there in the cold for you tonight[stopping].". Instead of opening or going or entering or using the front door, try examining the front door. First Instead of exiting when location is Homeworld-Studio: try examining the front door. First instead of going outside when location is Homeworld-Studio: try examining the front door.

Some flat countertops are a setpiece in Kitchen. The description is "Tiny stains, nicks, and grooves speak to the many meals that have been prepared here, stretching back well before you and Rume called this place home."

Some spacious pine cupboards are an undescribed container in Kitchen. They are fixed in place. Understand "cupboard" as cupboards. Instead of opening cupboards, try examining cupboards. The description is "[one of]You swing a cupboard open and the redolent smell of wood and seasonings spills out. The cupboards are full of the minutiae of life on the edge of the alpine wilderness: jars of dried herbs and spice, coarse-woven bags of salt, sugar, and flour, decanters of oil, bins of venison and fish jerky, huge glass jars of pickled vegetables, piled bulbs of garlic.[paragraph break]You are struck suddenly with bitter futility: the months spent gathering together these comforts, the hours wasted sorting and arranging them, preparing for a life and a winter you're about to abandon forever[or]There's nothing you need from the cupboards[stopping]." Instead of closing cupboards, say "You carefully shut them, well-oiled hinges rotating silently.".

Some supplies are a prop in Kitchen. Understand "jar" or "jars" or "dried" or "herb" or "herbs" or "spice" or "spices" or "herbs and spice" or "coarse" or "woven" or "coarse-woven" or "bag" or "bags" or "salt" or "sugar" or "flour" or "decanter" or "decanters" or "oil" or "bin" or "bins" or "venison" or "fish" or "jerky" or "huge" or "glass" or "pickled" or "vegetables" or "vegetable" or "piled" or "bulb" or "bulbs" or "garlic" or "of" or "food" as supplies when location is regionally in Homeworld. Instead of doing anything to some supplies, say "[makemeal].".

A cookery is a kind of prop. Some hanging pots are a cookery in Kitchen. Understand "pot" as hanging pots. Some hanging pans are a cookery in Kitchen. Understand "pan" as hanging pans. Some hanging skewers are a cookery in Kitchen. Understand "skewer" as hanging skewers. Understand "profusion" or "profusion of" as pots. Instead of examining a cookery, say "They gleam dully in the glow of the fire, well-worn but spotless. Rume usually cooks, but you find some simple pleasure in the act of cleaning.". Instead of taking or using a cookery, say "[makemeal].".

Understand "food/meal/breakfast/dinner/snack" as "[foodword]". Understand "cook/make/prepare/find" as "[cook]". Understand "[cook]" or "[cook] [foodword]" as a mistake ("[makemeal].") when location is Kitchen. Instead of tasting when location is Kitchen, say "[makemeal].". To say makemeal: say "[one of]Quietly, you prepare one small, final meal in this place, burnished gleams of fire on cutlery and tiny scrapes of glass on stone, metal on metal, pottery on wood somehow taking on strange importance in the chill and silence. You quickly sate what little appetite you have, and when all is cleaned and scrubbed and returned to its proper place, the kitchen seems silent and empty, as if it's already forgotten you[or]You are no longer hungry[stopping]".

A small round table is a setpiece in Kitchen. The description is "Just large enough for three: Rume, yourself, and the odd trapper or trader who spies the smoke of your fire and feels a need for warmth, food, and companionship.". Check touching small round table: say "The old table is wobbly and stained with the lives of many past occupants, its surface rough and pitted. Rume has talked about building a new one in the spring. But now things have changed." instead. Check entering small round table: try entering rugged chairs instead.

Some rugged chairs are a prop in Kitchen. Understand "chair" as rugged chairs. The description is "These worn chairs, assembled by some previous owner without much eye for craftsmanship, will need to be replaced soon." Instead of entering some chairs, say "You sit for a moment at the old table, but your mind races. Visions and images dance inside you, and you know the moment you touch brush to canvas they will crystallize, coalesce into the scene you must paint-- the world you are Called to.[paragraph break]Restlessness drives you to your feet again[tutorial-typeverbs]." Does the player mean entering some chairs: it is likely.

A small pool is an undescribed backdrop. It is in Kitchen, Homeworld-Studio, and The-Tumble. Understand "tiny" or "pools" as the small pool. The description is "At the base of the small cliff, the stream tumbles into a small pool before continuing across the floor of the lodge." Instead of touching the small pool, try touching the stream. Instead of tasting the small pool, try tasting the stream. Instead of entering or swimming in the small pool, try vague swimming. Does the player mean tasting the stream: it is likely. Instead of vague swimming when small pool is visible: say "The pool is too small and cold for swimming, but on warmer nights it feels good to sit on the curved edge where the wooden floorboards meet its rocky lip, and soak the day's cares from your feet[tutorial-typeverbs]." instead.