Blue Lacuna — 70 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Remembering

Understand "find [any seen thing]" as remembering.

Check remembering: if noun is visible, try examining noun instead.

[ Blue Lacuna has so many objects that it's not safe to assume the player is referring to something far-off. If they're using a word actually in the printed name of a thing, we'll hazard a guess that the thing is what they mean; otherwise print the standard "unrecognized input" message (since in that case the word the user typed may be an adjective or some other obscure word that in their mind bears little resemblance to our guess. ]

First report remembering:

let playerc be indexed text;

now playerc is the player's command;

let candidate be indexed text;

now candidate is printed name of noun;

repeat with wd running from 1 to the number of words in candidate:

if playerc matches the regular expression "\b[word number wd in candidate]":

say "If you mean [the noun], ";

if noun is on-stage and noun is a room, say "the last place you saw [it-them of noun] was [if remembered spot is location]right here[otherwise][remembered spot][end if]." instead;

else say "you're not sure where [it-they of noun] ended up." instead;

say "[as the parser]You used either a verb or a keyword I don't recognize, or at least not in that combination[as normal]." instead.