Blue Lacuna — 69 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Custom Library Error Messages

[ Librarydebug-toggling is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "libdebug" as librarydebug-toggling. Carry out librarydebug-toggling: if library message debug is on, change library message debug to off; otherwise change library message debug to on.]

To say emptylineinit: if the number of initapped things enclosed by location > 0 and final release mode is false, say "[paragraph break][the list of initapped things enclosed by location]". To say emptylineperson: if a described other person is enclosed by location and final release mode is false, say "[paragraph break][a random other person enclosed by the location]".

Table of custom library messages (continued)

Message IdMessage Text
LibMsg <undo succeeded>"Okay, I've taken back your last move.[as normal][line break]"
LibMsg <empty line>"[unless location is a flash-room][lookfudge][as normal][bold type][location][roman type][line break][description of location][emptylineinit][the initial appearance of a random initapped thing enclosed by location][emptylineperson][initial appearance of a random other uncarried person enclosed by location][end unless]" [ Hack of the year award.]
LibMsg <cannot take yourself>"[as the parser]Sorry, that doesn't make sense to me.[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <block burning>"[if location is regionally in Homeworld]You don't have the heart to burn [that-those of noun][else]There's no fire here to burn [that-those of noun] with[end if].[line break]"
LibMsg <cannot take scenery>"[as the parser]I'm interpreting that as an attempt to take part of the scenery, which either doesn't make sense or isn't an action I know how to process-- please try rephrasing![as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <block giving>"Better keep it, for now.[line break]"
LibMsg <cannot give to yourself>"You're already holding [that-those of noun].[as normal][line break]"
LibMsg <cannot enter something already entered>"I believe you're already on [the main object].[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <report player touching things>"You feel nothing unexpected.[line break]"
LibMsg <block swearing obscenely>"I'm sorry if you're feeling frustrated. You might try typing HELP for an introduction to the commands, or SAVE to record your progress and come back later.[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <block climbing>"You're not sure there's anything to be gained by climbing on [that-those of noun].[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <block jumping>"Not here.[line break]"
LibMsg <block waving hands>"You wave, but you're unsure if anyone sees you.[as normal][line break]"
LibMsg <block attacking>"[if the main object is a person]Think carefully before you take such a rash action[otherwise]You doubt violence will change much of anything[end if].[line break]"
LibMsg <block pushing in directions>"[as the parser]You seem to be trying to push something in a direction, but that's probably trying to be more specific than the story is capable of understanding. Try TAKE to pick up objects, or just mention the object in conversation if you want to show it to someone.[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <cannot pull people>"Sorry, that doesn't make sense to me. Try again?[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <cannot turn people>"Sorry, that doesn't make sense to me. Try again?[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <cannot talk to absent person>"[correct conv]"
LibMsg <block kissing>"[if noun is bestial]You're a little afraid to get your lips near [it-them of noun].[otherwise]Now's not the right time for that[end if].[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <report player touching other people>"[The noun] sh[ies] away from your touch.[line break]"
LibMsg <block singing>"[if location is Echo Chamber]The song bounces and echoes around the cave, distorted and twisted in weird ways, some syllables seeming to arrive later and some earlier than the order in which you sang them.[else if player is yourself]You sing quietly, an old song you learned as a child, forgotten for years until surfacing now.[otherwise]Nothing comes to mind.[end if][line break]"
LibMsg <block saying yes>"[invalidresponse]"
LibMsg <block saying no>"[invalidresponse]"
LibMsg <block saying sorry>"No problem.[as normal]"
LibMsg <unknown object>"I couldn't understand that, or the noun you used isn't nearby.[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <command not understood>"[if final release mode is false]1[end if][as the parser][notsurewhatyoumeant].[as normal]"
LibMsg <number not understood>"[if final release mode is false]2[end if][as the parser][notsurewhatyoumeant].[as normal]"
LibMsg <verb cannot have inanimate object>"[if location is regionally in Dreamlands]There will be time for that later.[else]That's either too far away or not something I expected you to do that to.[actfast][end if]"
LibMsg <cannot push scenery>"You can't reach it from here.[line break][actfast]"
LibMsg <cannot pull scenery>"You can't reach it from here.[line break][actfast]"
LibMsg <cannot turn scenery>"You can't reach it from here.[line break][actfast]"
LibMsg <block tasting>"[as the parser]Apologies, but that isn't something the story expected you to try eating[as normal].[line break]"
LibMsg <something more substantial needed>"[as the parser]For the most part, exit keywords should just be typed alone to move in that direction.[as normal][actfast]"
LibMsg <command partly understood>"Sorry, I didn't understand the part after "
LibMsg <block vaguely going>"[as the parser]You can move to a new location by typing an emphasized [d]direction[x] keyword. Type LOOK to see nearby keywords again.[as normal]"
LibMsg <cannot take hidden parts>"[as the parser]You'll have to use direction keywords to follow him from here[if final release mode is false]([the main object] in [the location of the main object])[end if][as normal]."
LibMsg <you have died>" An End "
LibMsg <you have won>" An End "

Understand the command "brief" as something new. Understand the command "verbose" as something new. Understand the command "superbrief" as something new. Understand "brief" or "verbose" or "superbrief" as a mistake ("Blue Lacuna uses a nonstandard system for printing room descriptions (which change anyway based on time of day, weather, and game events) so brief and superbrief modes are unfortunately not available.").

To say invalidresponse: speak as the parser "[if a conversing person is enclosed by location]I don't think [a random conversing person enclosed by location] is looking for an answer to a yes or no question right now[otherwise]You aren't speaking with anyone right now[end if].[line break]"; now acting-fast is true.

To say actfast: now acting-fast is true; say line break. Acting-fast is a truth state that varies. Before reading a command: now acting-fast is false. First turn sequence rule: if acting-fast is true, rule succeeds. [ This kludge prevents time from passing if the player says yes or no at an inappropriate time during conversation, thus losing their chance to say something correct.]

To say lookfudge: now player-looking is true.

Definition: a thing is initapped: if it is worn, no; if it is held, no; if it is undescribed, no; if it is a person, no; if it is on something, no; if it is in something, no; if it is part of something, no; if its initial appearance is not "", yes; no.

To say trytouching: say "[as normal]"; try touching noun.