Blue Lacuna — 452 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a room.

Report going from Lab to Memorial Park: say "You step onto the platform, and it immediately begins to rise towards a dark square in the ceiling. Cloudeye gives you a small wave as he vanishes from sight. A few moments later the elevator rises into a small wooden enclosure with one door. You push through into the city[if Memorial Park is unvisited].[paragraph break]The sudden, overwhelming rush of noises, strange smells, bustling vehicles, and a cold grey sky convince you, more than anything, that this really is a whole other world. The air is acrid, tinged with smells of unfamiliar food and sweat, and the wind that whips through your hair is chill, but dense. After a moment's vertigo, you finally look around and get your bearings[end if].".

Report going from Memorial Park to Lab: say "You insert your passcard into the slot near the door of the tiny shed. A light flashes green and the door unlatches. You step inside and descend on the elevator back to the lab.".

The description of Memorial Park is "Though this small park is surrounded on all sides by urban [o]chaos[x], something sacred is in the unassuming bushes here, neatly trimmed, and the simple, cobbled [o]paths[x] that wind between them, undisturbed but for a rare bench or straight black lamppost.[paragraph break]A [o]statue[x] of black-smudged bronze stands tall and silent at both the physical, and, you imagine, spiritual center of the park.[paragraph break][exits].". The exits text of Memorial Park is "Small gates on all four sides lead out to the [d]city[x], while an unassuming tool shed conceals the entrance back [down] to the lab". Understand "city" as outside when location is Memorial Park.

The shed is a setpiece in Memorial Park. Understand "door" as shed. The description is "Half-hidden behind a well-tended shrub, the simple wood hut looks like a simple gardener's tool shed from the outside.". Instead of opening or entering shed, try going down. Instead of going inside in Memorial Park, try going down.

The freedom statue is a setpiece in Memorial Park. The description is "Bold, powerful, the statue depicts a single man, herculean but not overwhelmingly so, in the act of stepping clear of a shattered eggshell at his feet. Amidst the wreckage are dozens of tree roots snarling about the man's foot and back leg, snake-like, but he rips free of them as he steps forward into some metaphorical boldness. Cast from some dull copper-colored medium, angles and edges have turned to black due to some age-provoked interaction with the elements. [paragraph break]At the base of the statue is a [o]plaque[x] with an inscription in some unfamiliar language.". Check climbing freedom statue: say "It seems like that would be immensely disrespectful." instead.

The freedom statue plaque is part of the freedom statue. The description is "At first the symbols mean nothing to you, but then some part of your borrowed brain whispers meaning to your consciousness: [paragraph break]'...and of that toil undertaken alone, with none to coddle or mitigate or direct or repurpose, of that toil alone is man made free.' --Builder Tall".

The chaos is a backdrop with printed name "city chaos". It is in Memorial Park and Plaza. The description is "The noises, smells, and constant movement of a city overwhelm you; it has been a long time since you've been in such a heavy urban area.".

The simple cobbled paths are a setpiece in Memorial Park. The description is "Though you have little to compare it to, the paths and quaint little benches feel as if they come from some earlier part of this world's history, slowly weakening while the city gains strength and presses in from all sides.". Understand "path" as simple cobbled paths.

Instead of going down from Memorial Park when Islander Bombing has happened: say "You insert your passcard into the door, but a light flashes red, and the readout displays 'SECURITY LOCKDOWN: ALL ACCESS REVOKED.'". First instead of exiting when location is Memorial Park: try going outside instead.

Report going from Memorial Park to Plaza: say "[if Plaza is unvisited]Nervously, y[otherwise]Y[end if]ou walk down the cobbled paths towards a wrought-iron archway, and pass through into the swirling center of First City.". Report going from Plaza to Memorial Park: say "You find one of the black iron archways and duck back into the secluded park at the center of the plaza, the city's noise gradually fading away.".

MemorialPark-stuff is stuff in Memorial Park. Understand "park/bush/bushes/bench/lamppost/gate/gates" as MemorialPark-stuff when location is Memorial Park. Understand "park" as inside when location is Plaza.