Blue Lacuna — 451 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Lab

The Lab is a room in Rebelworld. The description of Lab is "[if unvisited][lab_opening_scene][otherwise]Coils of multi-colored wire, huge hot conduits of metal and glass, and a dusty bank of flashing lights and unlabeled controls fill this small windowless room, stuffy and filled with the smell of ozone. The curves of a great [o]behemoth[x] of a machine fill the room. [exits].[end if]".

To say lab_opening_scene: say "Coils of wire, the tang of ozone, blurry red lights flashing in your face. Before you [if Being-In-Treeworld is solved]can get your bearings in this second world[otherwise]can even begin to wonder what's happened to you[end if] a klaxon sounds and a jet of chilly mist arcs across the room[if Being-In-Treeworld is unsolved]-- room? Yes; you're somewhere entirely different now: but there are none of the tingling aftershocks of wayfaring. What is happening?[else].[end if]".

The exits text of Lab is "A small white [d]door[x] [if we have discussed osm_leaderresults]and a smaller [d]platform[x] squeezed into one corner seem to be the only exits[otherwise]seems to be the only exit[end if]".

A small white door is a door. It is east of Lab. It is undescribed, locked and closed. The description is "The door's white metal surface is broken only by a wheel and a small round porthole.". Instead of opening or vague unlocking or going the small white door: say "You move to the door and try turning the wheel in its center, but it doesn't budge."; if Cloudeye is not attentive, now Cloudeye is attentive; force discuss osm_doorout. [A procedural rule while going in Lab: ignore the can't go through undescribed doors rule.] Instead of doing something to the small white door when we have not discussed osm_welcome, say "You're still too disoriented to really get your bearings.".

A metal wheel and a small round porthole are part of the small white door. Instead of turning or pushing or pulling metal wheel, try opening white door. The description of the porthole is "Peering through the porthole's thick glass, you see a white clean room with another console filled with blinking lights.".

An elevator is down from Memorial Park and up from Lab. The elevator is a door. The elevator is undescribed, unopenable, and not lockable. Instead of examining elevator when location is Memorial Park, try examining shed. The description of elevator is "The small platform is in a corner of the room above a square black hole in the ceiling; gears and a track run up the walls.". Understand "platform" as up when location is Lab.

TheBeast is a setpiece in Lab. Understand "machine" or "machinery" or "behemoth/coil/coils/wire/conduit/conduits/metal/glass/dusty/bank/lights/controls/tube/tubes/steel/columns/light/systems/cooling/control/dial/switch/wiring/keyboard/monitor" as theBeast. The description of TheBeast is "It's truly a monster; this room is actually quite large, though the machine takes up nearly all of it, making the remaining space feel quite cramped. Burnished steel tubes, glowing columns of orange light, massive rounded cooling systems, and a control bank of dials and switches make up the bulk of the content. A seemingly infinite amount of wiring fills the room like a gut full of intestines.".

Opening Scientist Monologue is a scene. Opening Scientist Monologue begins when the player is in Lab for the first time. Opening Scientist Monologue ends when Cloudeye is idle.

When Opening Scientist Monologue begins: now Cloudeye is attentive; force discuss osm_opening.

Cloudeye is an undescribed man in the Lab. "[if osm_postreflection is spoken]Cloudeye[else]The man in the lab coat[end if] stands a few paces away, trying to pretend he isn't staring at you in fascination." Understand "face" or "figure" or "man" or "scientist" as Cloudeye. The description is "[if we have not discussed osm_noticedoctor]His back is to you; all you can see is his distinctive white coat[otherwise][Cloudeyedesc][end if]." To say Cloudeyedesc: say "[if we have not examined Cloudeye and skeletons_bit is 0]His facial features are not quite human, but close enough, and you immediately recognize the basic shape: that of the skeletons from the Egg ship on Lacuna. [otherwise if we have not examined Cloudeye]Again, you recognize the distinct facial features of those almost-human skeletons from the egg ship. [end if]He is short, stooped a little though he seems young, with oval spectacles and an irregular pink birthmark that covers a third of his face. Straight hair pulled straight back makes thousands of brown-grey arcs down to his shoulders". After examining Cloudeye: now skeletons_bit is 1. The printed name of Cloudeye is "[if osm_postreflection is spoken]Doctor Cloudeye[else]the man in the lab coat".

OSM is a thread. First check vague discussing when last beat is in OSM: say "You're too disoriented to get a grip on the conversation." instead.

osm_doorout is a repeatable ephemeral beat in OSM with reaction "[one of]'Oh,' Cloudeye says, looking up, 'that's to the clean room and the [osm_somenium] crucible. It locks automatically whenever the [osm_beast] is running. Good thing, too; it's hot enough to melt your skin off.'[or][paragraph break]'The elevator's the only way out while the [osm_beast] is running, doctor,' Cloudeye says again, distractedly.[or][stopping]". osm_doorout summons osm_somenium, osm_beast. Understand "somenium" as osm_somenium.

osm_somenium is a beat in OSM with keyword name "somenium" and reaction "'Yes,' Cloudeye says, nodding eagerly, 'terribly rare. It's the material that allows for us to communicate across interstellar distances. All the somenium on the entire planet is through that door; all that came from Egg. Your Lacuna has a lot more, according to the last [osm_Progue]: a blue hexagonal crystal, in its natural state.'[paragraph break]'I think Doctor Quick reserved a book about it for you at the city library,' he adds, 'if you're interested in learning more.'".

Carry out getting bored when Cloudeye is enclosed by location: say "[cloudeyefinish]." instead. Report saying farewell to when location is lab: say "[cloudeyefinish]." instead. To say cloudeyefinish: say "'I'll just get back to these figures,' Cloudeye says, turning distractedly back to the console".

osm_opening is a beat in OSM with reaction "'Primary overload, doctor!' a voice shouts, and you spot a blurry [o]figure[x] in a lab coat through the mist, back to you, turning dials and pulling levers. 'Give me a minute to localize and then I'll [osm_voicenotice] her back down.'". osm_opening suggests osm_prattle1. osm_opening summons osm_voicenotice. After discussing osm_opening: now Cloudeye is described; continue the action.

osm_prattle1 is a beat in OSM with reaction "'Must have blown one of the somenium channel conduits again,' the figure mutters, still flipping switches frantically. 'I keep telling you it's a mistake to run that much bandwidth through an HR-7 connector.'". osm_prattle1 suggests osm_prattle2.

osm_prattle2 is a beat in OSM with reaction "'Just a few more moments and I'll have it shut down, doctor,' he continues, pressing a series of glowing red buttons.". osm_prattle2 suggests osm_noticedoctor.

Understand "phase" as osm_voicenotice. osm_voicenotice is a beat in OSM with fuse 10 and keyword name "phase" and reaction "[voice_notice_bit][line break]'What's that, doctor?' the figure says, and turns towards you. [if Being-In-Treeworld is solved]He's another of the windsigh's people, like the ones on their world and the skeletons on Lacuna[otherwise]Again, a shock: his features are not quite human, but familiar. After a moment you realize what you are seeing looks like one of the skeletons from the crashed egg ship on Lacuna, if it were given flesh and life again[end if].". osm_voicenotice enqueues osm_noticedoctor.

To say voice_notice_bit: say "[one of]You begin to speak, but after just a few words you falter in shock. The voice that comes from your lips is instantly recognizable, though you've heard it only in dreams. Reedy. Cynical. Sardonic.[or][stopping]".

osm_noticedoctor is an insistent beat in OSM with reaction "The man seems to have disabled most of the alarms and warning lights. His hand on a massive switch, he turns to you, but stops short as he notices your expression. 'Doctor?' he says. 'Is everything all right?'". osm_noticedoctor summons osm_allright, osm_notallright. Instead of saying yes when last beat is osm_noticedoctor, force discuss osm_allright. Instead of saying no when last beat is osm_noticedoctor, force discuss osm_notallright. osm_noticedoctor suggests osm_silence. osm_silence replaces osm_noticedoctor.

osm_silence is a beat in OSM with reaction "The man takes a few steps closer. 'Doctor Quick?' he says. Then he gasps. 'By the Builder. It's you, isn't it? The one from the island? From Lacuna?'". osm_silence enqueues osm_waitforanswer.

osm_notallright is a beat in OSM with keyword name "no" and reaction "Uncertainty ripples across the strange features. 'Then-- did we-- is it-- you're the one from the island? From Lacuna?'". osm_notallright enqueues osm_waitforanswer.

osm_waitforanswer is an insistent beat in OSM with reaction "He watches you intently.". osm_waitforanswer summons osm_welcome, osm_faking. Instead of saying yes when last beat is osm_waitforanswer, force discuss osm_welcome. Instead of saying no when last beat is osm_waitforanswer, force discuss osm_faking. osm_waitforanswer suggests osm_welcome.

osm_faking is a beat in OSM with keyword name "no" and reaction "But the man is shaking his head. 'No, I can tell. Your face, it's... someone else behind... I mean... it's... we did it!'". osm_faking enqueues osm_welcome.

osm_allright is a beat in OSM with keyword name "yes" and reaction "He nods, relief crossing his features only to be followed by more uncertainty. 'It's just that the band reader says we have link, that we're transmitting, and... and receiving...'[paragraph break]He squints, peering closer at you. 'By the Builder. Is... is it you? The one from the island? From Lacuna?'". osm_allright enqueues osm_waitforanswer.

osm_welcome is a beat in OSM with keyword name "yes" and reaction "The man gives a little yell of excitement and punches the air, then slaps a metal conduit which clangs resoundingly. 'The Beast did it!' he says. 'She worked! We've brought you here... how exciting... I'll need to call the G's office... so many things...' [paragraph break]He runs a hand through his hair, and seems to physically calm himself down. 'But you're confused,' he says. 'You don't know...' He casts about helplessly, as if looking for something. At last he spots the side of a dusty boxy conduit of silvery metal, and quickly rubs away some dust and grime with the sleeve of his lab coat, revealing a murky [o]reflection[x].[paragraph break]'Look,' he says, 'it'll explain. I hope.'". osm_welcome suggests osm_waitforlook.

osm_waitforlook is a beat in OSM with reaction "The man in the lab coat shifts impatiently from foot to foot.". osm_waitforlook suggests osm_explainnolook.

osm_explainnolook is a beat in OSM with reaction "'Well, I'll just explain, I guess,' the man says finally. 'You're in the body of Doctor Quick.'". osm_explainnolook enqueues osm_postreflection.

The murky reflection is a setpiece in Lab. The description is "[one of]You peer at the murky reflection and feel yourself growing faint. Peering back at you is an alien face-- like the nervous assistant[if DrQuick is female] except in gender, and[otherwise], but[end if] older, greying. It is a face etched with lines of concentration and disappointment, [if DrQuick is male]framing bushy white eyebrows[otherwise]round, ruddy cheeks[end if] guarding intense, piercing eyes. An intelligent face. A cynical face. And for the moment, yours.[or]The reflection of Doctor Quick is still unsettling, but you are slowly growing used to occupying this strange body.[stopping]".

After examining murky reflection when we have not discussed osm_postreflection, force discuss osm_postreflection.

osm_postreflection is a beat in OSM with reaction "'[if DrQuick is male]He's lent you his[otherwise]She's lent you her[end if] body while you're here,' the scientist says. 'Although technically speaking you're not actually here, of course. We're tapping the entire planetary bandwidth to send [if player is male]his[else]her[end if] sensory data through the Link back to Lacuna, and bring your motor impulses here to [if DrQuick is male]him[otherwise]her[end if]. All encrypted with your password. Terribly complex. Doctor [osm_quick]'s life work. Been years since we've done it. Didn't know if the [osm_beast] still had it in her.' He gives the conduit a loving pat.[paragraph break]'Oh!' he suddenly adds with a start. 'Cloudeye. Doctor Cloudeye is my name, Doctor Quick's [osm_Cloudeye]. Sorry, so easy to forget I'm not talking to... er, well, a pleasure to meet you.' He bows. 'And oh. Welcome to [osm_city].'". osm_postreflection summons osm_city, osm_Cloudeye, osm_beast, osm_Quick, osm_callleader. After discussing osm_postreflection: notice language translation; continue the action. Understand "beast/machine" as osm_beast. osm_postreflection suggests osm_callleader

osm_beast is a beat in OSM with keyword name "Beast" and reaction "'Brilliant design,' Cloudeye says fondly, patting its dusty bulk again. 'Technology's a bit antiquated nowadays, but Doctor [osm_Quick]'s theories are just as sound. Been mothballed for decades. We brought it back up to speed in record time, once our mindlisteners monitoring Lacuna notified us there might be a new passenger.'".

Understand "city" as osm_city. osm_city is a beat in OSM with keyword name "City" and reaction "'Yes, the City, or First City if you want the, er, full name,' Cloudeye explains, licking his lips nervously. 'We're actually on almost the exact spot where [osm_egg] crashed. Egg brought the ancestors here. Like on your Lacuna. This [osm_lab] was built around it, actually.' He runs a nervous hand through his hair, then laughs weakly.". osm_city summons osm_egg, osm_lab.

Understand "lab" as osm_lab. osm_lab is a beat in OSM with keyword name "lab" and reaction "'This is Somenium Research Laboratory Number One,' Cloudeye says. 'One and only, actually. We're underneath City now; it's a top secret facility.'".

Understand "egg" as osm_egg. osm_egg is a beat in OSM with keyword name "Egg" and reaction "'It's fascinating,' Cloudeye says, nodding his head, 'Lacuna and our world are a kind of opposite. You see, here, when the ship crashed, it was the humans who survived, while the trees did not. So our ancestors had to learn to think for the themselves, to survive without the help of their masters.' He laughs nervously. 'And, well, here we are.'".

Understand "Cloudeye/assistant/doctor" as osm_Cloudeye when last beat is in OSM. osm_Cloudeye is a beat in OSM with keyword name "assistant" and reaction "'Well, chief assistant, really,' he blurts nervously. 'Your, er, Doctor [osm_quick]'s assistant, so lucky, really, to get the job... the [osm_hours] are rather strange, but to work with such a prominent scientist!' He wrings his hands together. 'Really, you don't know what an honor this is for you.'". osm_Cloudeye summons osm_hours. Understand "hour/hours" as osm_hours.

osm_hours is a beat in OSM with keyword name "hours" and reaction "He runs a hand through his hair. 'Yes, well, just dreams for you, but long wakeful nights and days for us here in [osm_City]. Keeping your signal phased in, scrambling frequencies to keep our transmissions undetected, cycling venting systems to keep the [osm_Beast] from overheating... and you-- Doctor [osm_quick], I mean-- always sitting there, speaking into the microphone, hoping [if DrQuick is male]his[otherwise]her[end if] words would somehow make it across the stars...'[paragraph break]A dreamy look comes into his eyes as he stares fondly at a battered chair in front of the console. 'Such a great [if DrQuick is female]wo[end if]man,' he murmurs.".

Understand "Quick" as osm_Quick when last beat is in OSM. osm_Quick is a beat in OSM with keyword name "Quick" and reaction "'A genius,' he says, '[if DrQuick is female]s[end if]he's reverse engineered so much from the wreckage of the egg ship... the [osm_Beast] is [if DrQuick is male]his[otherwise]her[end if] baby, of course.'[paragraph break]He looks at you sidelong, hesitant. 'Doctor Quick was the one who met with the first [osm_Progue],' he adds, 'twenty years ago.'". osm_Quick summons osm_progue.

Understand "progue/first/visitor" as osm_Progue when last beat is in OSM. osm_Progue is a beat in OSM with keyword name "visitor" and reaction "He reddens. 'I really should leave explanations to the G.,' he says.". osm_Progue enqueues osm_callleader.

osm_callleader is an exciting terminal beat in OSM with fuse 99 and reaction "'Excuse me,' Cloudeye says with a start, 'I have instructions to summon the Governor General the moment you'd arrived. So much excitement it slipped my mind.' He hurries to a monitor in the control bank with a one-handed keyboard and begins punching keys at a dizzying rate.". osm_leaderresults replaces osm_callleader. After discussing osm_callleader: Cloudeye concludes in 3 turns from now; continue the action.

At the time when Cloudeye concludes: pre-conversation processing; force discuss osm_leaderresults.

osm_leaderresults is an exciting terminal beat in OSM with fuse 99 and reaction "Cloudeye reads something off the monitor then looks up at you. 'The G is en route,' he says solemnly. 'I'm to give you his warmest welcome to City, and say that he has a great favor to ask of you when he arrives. The uh, fate of our people may depend on it.' He smiles weakly.[paragraph break]Cloudeye pushes some hanging cables out of the way and points towards a small [d]platform[x] in the corner. 'It may be a while, though,' he says. 'We're right below City center and the traffic's a nightmare. This elevator will take you up. You should have some coins in your pocket. Feel free to look around, although I wouldn't head too far down Planter Avenue if I were you.'[paragraph break]He comes back towards you and touches the [o]cap[x] you wear. 'This transmitter should let you stay connected anywhere within six blocks,' he says, 'but don't take it off or you'll spoil the link. I'll be here if you have any questions.' Cloudeye smiles, then turns to a control console and pretends to study it thoughtfully.". osm_lr2 replaces osm_leaderresults. After discussing osm_leaderresults: now elevator is open; continue the action.

Instead of saying farewell to Cloudeye when osm_leaderresults is unspoken: say "'Just a minute,' he says.".

Understand "governor" as osm_lr2 when last beat is in OSM. osm_lr2 is a repeatable beat in OSM with keyword name "governor" and reaction "'He's still quite a ways from here,' says Cloudeye, glancing at a monitor. 'Some sort of security issue, it sounds like. Feel free to go [up] and explore, if you like.'".

Instead of exhausting when location is Lab: say "'Terribly sorry,' Cloudeye says nervously, 'I really should get back to these numbers.'".

Return-To-Lab is a recurring scene. Return-To-Lab begins when Memorial Park is visited and location is Lab.

When Return-To-Lab begins: say "Doctor Cloudeye looks up nervously from a display as your elevator descends. 'Still waiting, then?' he asks. 'Well, feel free to wait here, if you like.'".

Instead of greeting Cloudeye when location is Lab and Cloudeye is idle: pre-conversation processing; force discuss ce_greet.

ce_greet is a repeatable beat in OSM with reaction "'[one of]Er, yes[or]Who, me[or]Oh, uh, yes[at random]?' he says nervously. 'What can I tell you? More about the [osm_lr2], or [osm_city], or the [osm_beast] maybe?'".

Return-To-Lab ends when location is not Lab.