Blue Lacuna — 449 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Fast Forwarding

A fast-forward rule for Finishing-The-Prologue:

now Lacunite-Follower is male.

Treeworld-Sequence is a puzzle. It requires Being-In-Treeworld, Finishing-Treeworld.

Being-In-Treeworld is a puzzle. It requires Arriving-Treeworld.

Arriving-Treeworld is a task. Definition: Arriving-Treeworld is complete: if Overlook is visited, yes.

A fast-forward rule for Being-In-Treeworld:

now yourself is on mind chair;

change the machinery-password to the tree-password;

now the mind machinery is projecting;

try looking.

Finishing-Treeworld is a puzzle. It requires Concluding-Philosopher-Convo.

Concluding-Philosopher-Convo is a task. Definition: Concluding-Philosopher-Convo is complete: if gp_outtro is spoken, yes.

A fast-forward rule for Finishing-Treeworld:

now gp_outtro is spoken;

now the time of day is 10:30 PM;

try silently eye closing.