Blue Lacuna — 448 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Great Tree Interior

The description of Great Tree Interior is "A courtyard of rolling, aged wood stands before you, surrounded by the curved vertical walls of the inside of the trunk. Water trickles down from high above, where great scattered holes let in burning slashes of red-orange light, which echo around this space and seem to both seep into the rich wood and be amplified by it.[paragraph break][exits].". The exits text of Great Tree Interior is "The only exit is back [d]outside[x]". The printed name of Great Tree Interior is "Inside the Philosopher".

Philosopher Conversation is a scene. Philosopher Conversation begins when location is Great Tree Interior. Philosopher Conversation ends when Treeworld-Hivemind is idle.

When Philosopher Conversation begins: now Treeworld-Hivemind is attentive; force discuss gp_beginnings.

Check eye closing during Philosopher Conversation (this is the can't escape during a key scene Treeworld rule):

say "With all the trouble he's done to bring you here, it would be tragic to leave in the middle of the conversation." instead.

Check greeting Treeworld-Hivemind when Philosopher Conversation has happened and location is Great Tree Interior: say "You feel the great mind stir somewhere around you, but it is sluggish, as if resting, tired, perhaps, from its efforts to communicate with your unfamiliar mind. A dim reminder floats gently through your head: that to leave this world, you need only close your eyes." instead.

GPC is a thread.

Instead of getting bored when last beat is in GPC: force discuss gp_story1. Instead of saying farewell to or going when last beat is in GPC: try eye closing. Instead of greeting Treeworld-Hivemind when gp_outtro is unspoken: say "You call out a tentative greeting, but there is no response other than a faint, dull pulse. You sense the mind of the Philosopher is elsewhere.".

gp_beginnings is a beat in GPC with reaction "A vast presence begins to gather, richer, more immediate, and far grander than the dim trickles you felt in your dreams. You sense that this is a mind far older than the others you have spoken with.[paragraph break]Words begin to form in your mind, each taking on a ponderous weight.". gp_beginnings suggests gp_intro.

gp_intro is a beat in GPC with reaction "I Speak for Three expanding Spheres of Self.

There is the I that speaks, the [gp_Inner] One who Is this tree.

There is the We that speaks, the [gp_Million] Million minds in the Heart of Forest and in all our Glades across the greening Galaxy, who share their Thought and their Voice as well.

There is the Greater-We that speaks, [gp_Union] of the [gp_Thinkers] and the Makers, our Civilization made Whole, for neither Is without the Other.

We are Three and One. We welcome you.". gp_intro suggests gp_story1.

Understand "inner" as gp_inner when last beat is in GPC. gp_inner is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Inner" and fuse 5 and reaction "Inner I am Old. Inner I have Watched the Stars precess across the Sky through Eyes of Many Makers. Forty-six kinmen have I Joined with, watched Age, watch Die. I have Thought Much.". gp_inner suggests gp_story1.

Understand "million" as gp_million when last beat is in GPC. gp_million is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Million" and reaction "We stretch Across a Thousand Worlds, One Mind from Many, Joined by the Bluerock.[paragraph break]Forest.". gp_million suggests gp_story1.

Understand "union" as gp_union when last beat is in GPC. gp_union is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Union" and reaction "The Mural shows the Day of Union, when First Thinker and First Maker Touched with Mind.". gp_union suggests gp_story1.

Understand "thinkers" as gp_thinkers when last beat is in GPC. gp_thinkers is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Thinkers" and reaction "They are Of Us, for we have Grown Together.

Though the We were born Solely of Thought, the We could Never now return to that State of Solipsism and Solace. It has joined with the State of Matter and Nature. It is The Makers who [gp_Changed] us thus, as the Thinkers too changed Them.". gp_thinkers suggests gp_questions.

gp_questions is a repeatable beat in GPC with reaction "[one of]You have Seen the Heart, our Home. Perhaps you have Questions. We shall Answer.[or]Ask, or [t]Listen[x].[stopping]". gp_questions summons gp_nursery, gp_dreams, gp_progue. gp_questions suggests gp_story1.

Understand "nursery" as gp_nursery when last beat is in GPC. gp_nursery is a beat in GPC with keyword name "nursery" and reaction "My Seedlings.[paragraph break]Some will Stay in my Grove to Think with Me.[paragraph break]Others will soon Go Elsewhere, to Watch over Needful Groves.[paragraph break]I Think with them All and their Thousand Cousins across the Heart.". gp_nursery enqueues gp_questions.

Understand "dreams" as gp_dreams when last beat is in GPC. gp_dreams is a beat in GPC with keyword name "dreams" and reaction "The Mind of your People is not Attuned. You have No Thinkers. You Expect no Thoughts but your Own.

It is Fortunate your minds become Free and Open at periodic Intervals. We would Not have Reached you without your Dreams.". gp_dreams enqueues gp_questions.

Understand "changed" as gp_changed when last beat is in GPC. gp_changed is a beat in GPC with keyword name "changed" and reaction "Before, The Makers could not Think.

Before, The Thinkers could not Make.

Now the Greater-We Think and Make as One.". gp_changed suggests gp_story1.

gp_story1 is a beat in GPC with reaction "Know.

The We on your Island have no Makers and Long for them, for They are not Complete. The destiny of Those Who Make is Making, and Greater-We are now Half-Maker. The We of Lacuna have much Making to do. Lacuna-We dream for Makers to build Ships, plan Cities, spread the Mind and Hand of Greater-We across that fertile World.

But not just for Them are you Here. There is a Greater [gp_story2].". gp_story1 suggests gp_story2. After discussing gp_story1: now gp_progue suggests gp_outtro; continue the action. gp_story2 replaces gp_story1.

Understand "purpose" as gp_story2 when last beat is in GPC. gp_story2 is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Purpose" and reaction "The Growth of Greater-We has Stopped. We are Brought Together only through the [gp_Bluerock] mined from Deep Within this Planet. Now it is gone. The Bluerock is found on no Other World of Forest. But it Grows on Lacuna. We have Seen it in Your Dreams.

Of our Eggs there are One Hundred Sixty Eight which [gp_Lost] themselves. One crashed on Lacuna. Therefore Lacuna is One of One Hundred Sixty Eight charted Destination worlds. We Do Not Know Which. We Do Not Wish to send Makers to Death. Before Makers are sent to make Whole the Thinkers of Lacuna, we Must Know Exact-where to Send Them.". gp_story2 suggests gp_story3. gp_story3 replaces gp_story2.

Understand "lost" as gp_lost when last beat is in GPC. gp_lost is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Lost" and reaction "Some Perhaps did not Awaken from Interstellar Slumber, neither their Makers nor their Computers.

Some Perhaps found Worlds that Could Not support Maker Life or Thinker Life, despite Preliminary Data.

Some Perhaps Malfunctioned in Landing and Crashed.

But this is Inner-Thought Only. There is no Outer-Truth.". gp_lost suggests gp_story3.

Understand "bluerock" or "blue rock" as gp_bluerock when last beat is in GPC. gp_bluerock is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Bluerock" and reaction "A Singular Element found, to Our Knowledge, on just Two worlds: the Heart, and Lacuna. All Bluerock connects to All Other Bluerock, at Once, whether Close or Far.

Many Inner-Thinkers say Bluerock is its own Universe, that from Correct Perspectives all Bluerock is One Point, Unified. There is no Outer-Truth on this Subject.

When I was a Sapling, many Maker-Lifetimes ago, the We-scientists Learned to Send our Thoughts through the Bluerock. Thus do We remain One across the Grove, though Light-Centuries Separate Some from Others.". gp_bluerock suggests gp_story3.

gp_story3 is a beat in GPC with reaction "You did Hear our Dreams. The [gp_ceiver] Made by [gp_Progue] still Functions.

Reach the Top of the Tallest Tree on your Island and Look. Look up to Stars, the Greening Galaxy above. The Tree will See too. The Seiver will See too. The We will See too. And the [gp_Astromancers] of the We will Know from those Star-patterns the Where of Lacuna.

The We Know the [gp_Stunted] Speak Also. The We Speculate They will Ask of you The Same. Do Not Show the Stars to Them. Keep your Cryption On, and Set to the Heart, to Forest only. The Stunted seek to Cut Down the Thinkers. But Makers cannot survive Alone.". gp_story3 suggests gp_outtro. gp_outtro replaces gp_story3.

Understand "stunted" as gp_stunted when last beat is in GPC. gp_stunted is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Stunted" and reaction "They Are another of the Lost One Hundred Sixty Eight. An Accident. Their Thinkers did not Survive the Journey. They have Built a Some-Society of Makers Alone, a Maybe-City that the We predict will Not Survive.

Without the We to Guide their Thoughts, these Makers grow Stunted. They are Alone. They Believe that To Be Alone is the Natural Way of things. They Believe that the We, the Thinkers, wish to be Their Masters. They seek to spread their Part-Culture through the Galaxy, Eradicating the Thinkers from the Cosmos.

There are Worlds Enough for the We and the Stunted. But Not Enough Bluerock for Both to Grow.". gp_stunted suggests gp_outtro.

Understand "seiver" as gp_ceiver when last beat is in GPC. gp_ceiver is a beat in GPC with keyword name "seiver" and reaction "It Channels the Thoughts of Makers and Thinkers through the Bluerock, and into the Thoughts of Other Makers and Thinkers. It Knows and Finds Which among Trillions to channel To.

The one on Lacuna was Tuned by Progue to the Thoughts of Your Kind, as Well.". gp_ceiver suggests gp_outtro.

Understand "astromancers" as gp_astromancers when last beat is in GPC. gp_astromancers is a beat in GPC with keyword name "astromancers" and reaction "Great Minds that Know the Motions of the Stars. They will Learn from the Patterns the Stars make in the sky of Lacuna. They will Find its Coordinates in the Galaxy.". gp_astromancers suggests gp_outtro.

Understand "Progue" as gp_progue when last beat is in GPC. gp_progue is a beat in GPC with keyword name "Progue" and reaction "We Do Not Know.

We Do Not Know How he Came to Lacuna. We Dreamed with Him and Saw it was Not His World. But the Arrival, For He and the Two, is Unexplained.

We Do Not Know Why he Failed to Help us. When he Left the Heart, it was Expected he Would. He Did Not. Lacuna-We have only Dimly sensed him Since. He Stays Away.

We Do Not Know [gp_wayfaring] You too have now Arrived.". gp_progue suggests gp_questions.

Understand "wayfaring/how" as gp_wayfaring when last beat is in GPC. gp_wayfaring is a beat in GPC with keyword name "how" and reaction "Strange.


There are We on a Distant World who Think perhaps the Bluerock Flows though your Veins. That You are Living Bluerock, and it is Not just your Thoughts that can connect Across the Vastness, but your Self as Well, to Other Worlds across Infinitudes where Bluerock Grows.

This is but Inner-Thought. Lacuna-We have no Tools to Test this.". gp_wayfaring suggests gp_outtro.

gp_outtro is a terminal beat in GPC with reaction "Each We shall say Goodbye now.

Remain in the Heart for as Long as you Wish. You are Welcome. When you wish to Relinquish Control of the Maker whose Body you use, simply Close your Eyes. Your Thoughts will Return to Lacuna.

Help to Grow Forest. Show us the Stars. A million million Seedlings await your Friendship.".

After discussing gp_outtro:

print a section break;

say "The powerful presence is gone; only a lingering sense of fullness in the air, subliminal yet heavy, remains.";

continue the action.

[Chapter - Puzzles

After going in Treeworld for the first time: now everything required by Contacting-All-The-Trees is met; continue the action.

Section - Reaching Treeworld

Reaching-Treeworld is a puzzle. Reaching-Treeworld requires Getting To The Trees.

After going in Treeworld for the first time: now everything required by Reaching-Treeworld is met; continue the action.

Section - Finishing Treeworld

FF-Reaching-Treeworld-Treeworld is a scene. FF-Reaching-Treeworld-Treeworld begins when Reaching-Treeworld is force solved. FF-Reaching-Treeworld-Treeworld ends when 1 is 1.

When FF-Reaching-Treeworld-Treeworld begins:

change the player to Lacunite-Follower;

now the mind machinery is projecting;

change the machinery-password to the tree-password;

now yourself is asleep.

Finishing-Treeworld is a puzzle. Finishing-Treeworld requires Ditching The Trees.

After eye closing when we have discussed gp_outtro: now everything required by Finishing-Treeworld is met; continue the action.