Blue Lacuna — 446 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Avenue North

The description of Avenue North is "The avenue ends here at the base of an imposing set of curved stone steps, which rise gracefully towards the enormous windsigh now towering above you. Huge [o]roots[x] spill down the stairs, stretching in graceful tangles of ancient gnarled wood almost to the bottom steps.[paragraph break][exits]." The exits text of Avenue North is "Opposite the [d]steps[x] the avenue runs back [down] towards the mural and the distant reflecting pool. Brick pathways lead towards the [d]temple[x] and the [d]nursery[x]". Understand "steps" as northeast when location is Avenue North. Understand "temple" as west when location is Avenue North. Understand "nursery" as east when location is Avenue North.

Some huge windsigh roots are a setpiece in Avenue North. Understand "root" as huge windsigh roots. The description is "The roots are only finger-sized as they creep down the last step and into the soil at your feet, but as they twist and combine their way up the stone steps they grow into massive, tunnel-sized appendages, that merge at last with the trunk of the great windsigh rising from the top of the hill.". Check climbing huge windsigh roots: say "The roots creep down the stone stairs, which might be easier to climb." instead. Instead of touching, taking, pushing, or pulling huge windsigh roots: say "As you place your hand against an ancient tendril, a deep thrumming rush seems to flow through you, something indefinably ancient, sentient, and potent." instead.

Some curved stone steps are a backdrop. They are in Avenue North and Base of the Great Tree. The description is "Massive and ancient.". Instead of climbing or entering or using curved stone steps: if location is Base of the Great Tree, try going down; else try going up.