Blue Lacuna — 445 of 475

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Nursery

The description of Nursery is "A line of windsigh [o]saplings[x] grows in the shelter of a trellised canopy here, none yet as high as your head. Stone columns intricately inlaid with geometric patterns support the canopy, which is laden with lightly woven cloth that blocks the harshest of the light. Everything about this place, from the way the weave of the cloth shines to the meticulous way each blade of grass is cut, lends a sense of weight, tradition, and dignity.[paragraph break][exits]." The exits text of Nursery is "Paths lead towards the [d]avenue[x] or the end of the [d]mural[x]". Understand "avenue" as west when location is Nursery. Understand "mural" as east when location is Nursery.

The trio of caretakers are a male Lacunite in Nursery. "A trio of [o]caretakers[x] lovingly tends to the trees." The description is "The caretakers move slowly, with reverence and evident love for their charges. One is carefully watering the ground around the roots of one of the smaller trees, while another carefully checks the leaves and branches of another with delicate fingers. The third is adjusting the shading on the canopy to match the slowly sinking sun.". Instead of greeting trio of caretakers, say "They nod and smile at you, but it is evident they do not have time to talk.". Instead of attacking trio of caretakers: say "You strike out at the nearest caretaker. The three pull back in confusion, then awkwardly run away through the trees."; remove trio of caretakers from play; increase the rap sheet of Lacunite-Follower by 3.

Some windsigh saplings are a setpiece in Nursery. Understand "sapling" as some windsigh saplings. The description is "The trees stand straight and tall. Their vines have not come in yet and their trunks are less twisted and wrinkled, stretching proud but skinny branches of golden leaves straight up into the air.". Instead of touching some windsigh saplings, say "You walk down the row of saplings, brushing your hands carefully along the branches and leaves of each one. You touch each mind faintly, sensing their attentions are elsewhere; with teachers, some far away, some even on distant worlds. You catch only the faintest mental glimpses of their education, like deja vu or half-remembered dreams: hints of ancient traditions, the laws of Logic passed down tens of thousands of years, and their chaotic twins, the weird laws of Science to make sense of Outer-Truth; metallurgy, avionics, arboneurology, how to work with Makers to pursue these fields; and other, weirder disciplines, traditions of thought based on thought building up over generations into incomprehensibly self-referential Inner-Truths.". Instead of attacking or pushing or pulling some windsigh saplings: say "You pummel one of the small trees, grabbing its branches and ripping its vines."; increase the rap sheet of Lacunite-Follower by 5. Instead of climbing some windsigh saplings: say "They're too small to climb.". Understand the command "uproot" as "attack". Instead of taking some windsigh saplings, say "They are rooted into the ground.".