Blue Lacuna — 441 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Among the Huts

Among the Huts is a room in Plateau. The description of Among the Huts is "Scattered around the trees here are a few dozen simple [o]structures[x], not quite as high as your head and made of brick and thatch. Between the ordered row of huts is a large [o]garden[x].[paragraph break]A neat line of gardening [o]tools[x] is stacked near one of the huts.[paragraph break][exits]." The exits text of Among the Huts is "The path weaves through the cluster of huts, heading towards the open space of the [d]avenue[x] or deeper into the [d]forest[x]". Understand "deeper" or "forest" as east when location is Among the Huts. Understand "avenue" as west when location is Among the Huts.

Report going from Among the Huts to Mural Far East: say "[tomuraldesc].". Report going from Mural Far East to Among the Huts: say "You follow the dirt path through sun-dappled groves of windsigh until you come to a cluster of small huts.".

Some structures are scenery in Among the Huts. Understand "hut" or "huts" as structures. The description is "Though carefully constructed and maintained, the huts are humble in design." Instead of entering structures, try going inside.

Every turn when location is Among the Huts: if spade is off-stage begin; move spade to Among the Huts; end if.

Some gardening tools are a thing in Among the Huts. The description is "Simple but well-crafted instruments, kept in excellent repair[if spade is in Among the Huts]. Among them you see a simple [o]spade[x][end if].". Understand "tool/line/instruments" as some gardening tools. Instead of taking some gardening tools when spade is on-stage, say "You don't have a need for any of these.". Instead of taking some gardening tools, try taking spade. Report taking spade when location of Lacunite-Follower is Among the Huts: say "You find a neatly polished and sharpened spade from the line, and pick it up." instead.

The vegetable-garden is a setpiece in Among the Huts. The description is "Running in long, well-tended rows, the plants seem to alternate between two crops: leafy green stalks bearing a ridged green [o]melon[x] and clumps of fronds where some root [o]vegetable[x] must grow.". The printed name of vegetable-garden is "garden". Understand "garden" or "vegetable garden" as vegetable-garden.

Some ridged green melons are a prop in Among the Huts. Understand "melon/stalk/stalk" as ridged green melons. The description is "The melons are about the size of your head, and give off a faint smell of spicy sweetness.". Check smelling melons: say "Earthy and strange." instead. Check tasting ridged green melons: say "You crack one open to reveal a firm purple flesh inside. The taste is mild but juicy." instead.

Some root vegetables are a prop in Among the Huts. Understand "veggie/vegetable" as root vegetables. The description is "A few of the vegetables near one end have been dug up, and you see that the plants beneath are brown-orange cylinders with mottled skin.". Check tasting root vegetables: say "You bite an end off one of them, but they are hard to chew and not very flavorful uncooked.".

Report going to Bare Hut: say "You pull aside the straw doorway of a hut that you somehow intuitively feel is yours-- or at least, that belongs to the body you occupy-- and, ducking your head, step inside."

Instead of going to Bare Hut when Lacunite-Follower is identified: say "[one of]You approach a hut at random, but an old red-robed woman steps out from it and smiles, touching your elbow.[paragraph break]'There is nothing in these simple huts to see, visitor,' she says. 'They are merely where the makers of this grove eat and sleep. There are greater things for you here.' You step back as she slips away towards the avenue.[or]You approach one of the huts and pull back the flap, revealing a spartan interior and [randomlacunite] looking up questioningly at you. Embarrassed, you step back.[stopping]". To say randomlacunite: say "[one of]an old man[or]a bedridden younger woman[or]two elderly women[at random]".

A small child is a male Lacunite in Among the Huts. "A small [o]boy[x], maybe two years old, plays on the grass outside one of the huts." The description is "Other than sharing the skin color and general facial features of the adults you've seen, he seems just like the children you're used to." Instead of greeting in the presence of the small child, say "The child stops playing and looks at you curiously as you begin to speak. He giggles." Understand "boy" or "baby" as the child. Instead of taking the child, say "[takechild].". To say takechild: say "You hoist the boy up in your arms. He is surprisingly light. As you bounce him up and down, he laughs, and reaches out to touch your face. After a while he grows restless, so you lower him back down to the ground". Check hugging the child: say "You reach out and tousle the boy's hair, soft and blonde. He scrunches up his face and puts his hand to his head, grabbing a tuft of hair and twirling it." instead. Instead of attacking the child: increase the rap sheet of Lacunite-Follower by 5. Understand "play with [child]" as a mistake ("[takechild].").

Bare Hut is a room in Treeworld. The description of Bare Hut is "[one of]Your eyes adjust slowly to the dimness in this simple hut. [or][stopping]The interior is clean, ordered, and simple. Two soft [o]beds[x] curve to hug the rounded walls; above each is a woven [o]wreath[x] of vine, and between them is an open area, covered by a large circular rug. On the wall opposite the entryway is a rounded brick [o]cookstove[x] and a hemispherical wooden [o]chest[x].[paragraph break][exits].". The exits text of Bare Hut is "A flap leads back [outside]".

Report going from Bare Hut to Among the Huts: say "You step back outside into the red and gold evening.".

Some soft beds are a setpiece in Bare Hut. Understand "bed" as soft beds. The description is "The beds are shaped like fat crescents, smoothly adjoining the curved walls of the hut. Beneath their woven sheets they are springy but firm, like thick moss.". Instead of entering soft beds, say "There is too much to do for that right now.".

A woven wreath of vine is a prop in Bare Hut. Understand "wreaths" as wreath. The description is "The wreaths are made from a delicate framework of stone, a twelve-sided shape, around which are carefully wrapped tendrils of familiar-looking vine in a complex weave.".

A large circular rug is a setpiece in Bare Hut. The description is "The rug is woven from a silky fiber, and covered in a simple geometric design.".

A rounded brick cookstove is a fixed in place undescribed supporter in Bare Hut. The description is "The stove bulges in the center, where a translucent rounded door opens into some sort of oven, then flattens out on top to a cooking surface. Along a raised portion behind the stove are a row of unlabeled terra-cotta tumblers, presumably the controls.[paragraph break]A [o]pot[x] of some cooling stew rests atop the cookstove.".

A bubbling pot is a prop on rounded brick cookstove. Understand "hoosh/vegetable/vegetables" as pot. The description is "The pot contains a bubbling hoosh that seems to be made from the orange-brown root vegetables; it smells earthy, with faint hints of herbs and spice.". Instead of tasting bubbling pot, say "You pick up a nearby spoon and try a bite. The flavor is quite simple and unremarkable, but filling and satisfying.".

A hemispherical wooden chest is a fixed in place container in Bare Hut. It is closed and openable. The description is "About an arm's length across, the chest rises like a wooden bubble from the floor, delicately polished and finished so the wood shines with a red-gold gleam.". Report opening hemispherical wooden chest: say "You push the top and the hemisphere rotates around to the bottom with a muffled wooden grating, revealing a collection of clay pots, neatly folded red robes, and a small stone [o]urn[x]." instead. Report closing hemispherical wooden chest: say "You lift the lid and the wooden hemisphere rotates smoothly around again, sealing the chest." instead.

A small stone urn is a prop in hemispherical wooden chest. The description is "The stone urn is engraved with the intertwined tree/human figure, and is quite heavy. It is sealed with a cork stopper that looks ancient." Instead of opening small stone urn, say "You pull out the stopper far enough to peek inside. The urn seems to be filled with fine grey ash. Some part of your borrowed mind feels a tug of emotion, and you get vague glimpses of ancient traditions, ashes of ancestors and kin trees mingled together, passed through generations.[paragraph break]You carefully replace the stopper.". Understand "stopper/ash/cork" as small stone urn. Instead of taking small stone urn, say "It belongs here."

["'That is my memorance,' she says. 'In it are ashes of my descendants and their kin trees, stretching back for thousands of years. When I or my kin tree dies, some of our ashes will go into the memorance, to be buried in the roots of my children's kin trees and go into their own memorances, when the time is right.'".]

Some clay pots are a prop in hemispherical wooden chest. The description of some clay pots is "Simple and functional, only lightly adorned with hexagonal patterns.". Understand "pot" as some clay pots.

Some neatly folded red robes are a prop in hemispherical wooden chest. Instead of taking neatly folded red robes, say "You're already wearing one.".

[Garden with just two vegetables. Someone explains these two vegetables contain all that's necessary for suvival.]