Blue Lacuna — 440 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Avenue South

Avenue South is a room in Plateau with printed name "Far End of the Avenue". The description of Avenue South is "Running straight as an arrow along a gentle slope to the highest point of the plateau is a wide, well-kept grassy avenue, lined by windsigh trees. At the end of the avenue, stone stairs rise to [the distant Philosopher], its massive, twisted branches reaching high into the sky.[paragraph break][exits].". The exits text is "Running perpendicular to the avenue heading [up] to the huge windsigh are paths of hexagonal brick, leading into the forest towards a [d]dome[x] or some [d]huts[x], or [d]around[x] the reflecting pool". Understand "around" as southwest when location is Avenue South. Understand "dome" as west when location is Avenue South. Understand "huts" as east when location is Avenue South.

Report going from Avenue South to Among the Huts: say "You follow the worn but immaculately tended brick path through a light forest, towards a series of low structures ahead."