Blue Lacuna — 418 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rebel Convo 7

d7r is a thread. reb-7 is an undescribed person. d7r_0 is a beat in d7r. d7r_0 suggests d7r_1. Instead of saying farewell to reb-7: say "'Just a minute,' the voice says, 'we're almost finished.".

d7r_1 is a beat in D7R with reaction "The short figure steps forward and speaks while the tall figure fades into transparency, that now-familiar reedy voice echoing around the lodge, but you still cannot see [if player is male]his[otherwise]her[end if] face.[paragraph break]'The tuning is complete,' [if player is female]s[end if]he says, wry but with a touch of pride. 'Now all that remains is for you to complete the twin calibration in the pyramid on the mountain, and everything will be ready for your [d7r_2].'". d7r_1 suggests d7r_2. d7r_1 summons d7r_2. d7r_rerun replaces d7r_1.

d7r_rerun is a repeatable beat in D7R with reaction "There is a long pause, then the short figure steps forward. 'Hello?' you hear the familiar cynical voice after a moment. 'Caught us unprepared. We're hoping for your visit soon. Remember, just set the seiver on the mountain to '[rebel-password]' and everything will be ready. Or did you want to use a different password?'". The yes-beat of d7r_rerun is d7r_2. The no-beat of d7r_rerun is d7r_rerunno.

d7r_rerunno is a repeatable beat in D7R with reaction "'Fine then,' the voice says. 'We're awaiting you with the highest of expectations.'[paragraph break]'Until we meet,' the voice says, and the short figure steps back and becomes silent.". After discussing d7r_rerunno: remove reb-7 from play; now reb-7 is idle.

Understand "visit" as d7r_2 when last beat is in D7R. d7r_2 is a repeatable beat in D7R with keyword name "visit" and reaction "[one of]'All we've been able to do so far,' the voice explains, 'is send suggestions, teases, tiny parcels of information, which your brain has been receiving as dreams. Builder knows what strange forms it's been taking. But now we're ready to communicate in a much more direct, straightforward fashion. You'll like it, I think. It's quite an experience.'[paragraph break]'To do this, however,' it says, 'we'll need you to give us a password. This will allow us to isolate your station on Lacuna from the billions of other nodes on the network. We've been broadcasting in a wide beam until now, you see, and-- well, but never mind. If you enter the password into the seiver on the mountaintop before activating it, your signal will come only to us, encrypted against any possible snooping by others.'[paragraph break]'So, pick a word now, if you please. Hopefully something you'll be able to remember.'[or]'Very well. We can easily recalibrate our search patterns here on our end. Do try to remember this one, though. Say your word now, please.'[stopping]". After discussing d7r_2: change the command prompt to ">>"; continue the action.

After reading a command when last beat is d7r_2:

let testtext be indexed text;

let testtext be the player's command;

if testtext is an invalid password begin;

reject the player's command;

otherwise if testtext exactly matches the text tree-password;

say "You lick your lips nervously. Somehow you sense that giving each side the same word might cause unforeseen difficulties.";

reject the player's command;


replace the player's command with "setkey verjpw [the player's command]";

end if.

After defining a password when last beat is d7r_2:

change the command prompt to ">";

force discuss d7r_3.

d7r_3 is a beat in D7R with reaction "'That will do,' the voice says. 'Again, just set the seiver to that word-- please don't forget it-- and you'll be able to get a better idea what our world is like. My, eh, employer is looking forward to meeting you.'[paragraph break]'Snide remarks aside,' the voice adds after a moment, 'please do come. Things aren't well here. You've appeared from nowhere, and in the nick of time. It would be a shame to ignore such serendipity. Please. Help us.'". d7r_3 suggests d7r_4. d7r_4 replaces d7r_3. After discussing d7r_3: if d7_4 is spoken, becontact lucky windsigh; continue the action.[aar]

d7r_4 is a repeatable beat in D7R with reaction "[one of]'One other thing,' the voice adds. 'The windsigh will invite you to do the same thing; choose a password and punch it into the seiver and connect directly to their world. Be very careful. They have thousands of years of experience at whispering into unsuspecting minds, brainwashing them to make them do whatever they want. Don't step into any traps.[or]'Done,' the voice says. 'It will take just a few minutes, but then you should be able to set the seiver with that word to contact us, and close our meddlesome friends out of the loop.'[stopping][paragraph break]'Until we meet,' the voice says, and the figure steps back and becomes still.". After discussing d7r_4: remove reb-7 from play; now reb-7 is idle.