Blue Lacuna — 417 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Presence Convo 7

dream7-presence is a dream presence in Dream7Nexus. [ The icebreaker of dream7-presence is d7_icebreaker.] [We don't want this convo to start automatically.]

D7 is a thread.

d7_icebreaker is an exciting beat in D7. d7_icebreaker suggests d7_1. d7_1 replaces d7_icebreaker.

Understand "mind/minds/presence/presences" as d7_1 when last beat is in D7. d7_1 is a beat in D7. The reaction is "The tall figure steps forward and the shorter figure fades into transparency.[paragraph break]You have found them all. Together, they have learned enough about your mind for full communication. They thank you.[paragraph break][if mind machinery is calibrated]The [d7_2] is calibrated. You are ready.[otherwise]All that remains is for the [d7_2], inside the pyramid atop the mountain, to be calibrated, and you will be ready.[end if]". d7_1 suggests d7_2. d7_rerun replaces d7_1.

Understand "mindlink" as d7_2 when last beat is in D7. d7_2 is a beat in D7 with keyword name "mindlink" and reaction "The trees have only before hinted at the great collective of minds that makes up their galactic civilization, called Forest. Now they tell you of a great mind on the Heart of Forest, their home world, who wishes to speak with you. The favor that was once asked of Progue is still vital, and only you can perform it. This great mind requests the honor of your presence, to ask this favor in person. Somehow the mindlink will allow you to do this.". d7_2 suggests d7_3. d7_3 replaces d7_2.

d7_3 is a repeatable beat in D7 with reaction "[one of]But there are trillions of minds in the network. For yours to be successfully picked up by the Heart, you will need to choose a sigil, a code, that, when combined with your unique neural patterns, will make a unique trace. The trees make it simple: say any single and memorable word. Say it now.[or]They are content. You sense that it is a very simple process to change the trace word. Say your new word now.[stopping]". After discussing d7_3: change the command prompt to ">>"; continue the action.

d7_rerun is a repeatable beat in D7 with reaction "The minds stir, anxious, eager.[paragraph break]They remind you of the code word you selected, '[tree-password].' All you must do is set the seiver on the mountaintop with that code word, and you will be able to visit them.[paragraph break]They ask if you would like to change your code word.". The no-beat of d7_rerun is d7_rerunno. The yes-beat of d7_rerun is d7_3.

d7_rerunno is a repeatable beat in D7 with reaction "They are content. And they await.[paragraph break]The presences fade away, and the tall figure steps back and becomes still.". After discussing d7_rerunno: remove dream7-presence from play; now dream7-presence is idle.

After reading a command when last beat is d7_3:

let testtext be indexed text;

let testtext be the player's command;

if testtext is an invalid password begin;

reject the player's command;

otherwise if testtext exactly matches the text rebel-password;

say "You lick your lips nervously. Somehow you sense that giving each side the same word might cause unforeseen difficulties.";

reject the player's command;


replace the player's command with "setkey tree1pw [the player's command]";

end if.

After defining a password when last beat is d7_3:

change the command prompt to ">";

force discuss d7_4.

d7_4 is a repeatable beat in D7 with reaction "It is done. [one of]The trees tell you to remember this word. Use it to set the mindlink, and all will be prepared for your visit.[paragraph break]There is one last concept to explain. The dissenters they warned you about[if we have discussed d5_yes], the ones you said were trying to contact you,[end if] may also try to get a sigil from you, persuade you to speak with them in the same fashion. They warn you to exercise caution. They say these dissenters would offer you false information, would seek to mislead you for their own gain, the same way they fear Progue was misled. They say they are dangerous.[or]Use this word to set the seiver, and all will be prepared for your visit.[stopping][paragraph break]Forest awaits your coming.". After discussing d7_4: remove dream7-presence from play; now dream7-presence is idle; if d7r_3 is spoken, becontact lucky windsigh.