Blue Lacuna — 42 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Using

Understand "use [an edible thing]" as eating.

Understand "use [a wearable thing]" as wearing.

Understand "use [a closed openable container]" as opening. Understand "use [an open openable container]" as closing.

Understand "use [a switched off device]" as switching on. Understand "flip [something]" as switching on.

Understand "use [something]" as using. Using is an action applying to one thing. Carry out using: say "[as the parser]You will have to be more specific about your intentions[as normal]."

Understand "use [a door]" as opening. Understand "use [an open door]" as entering.

Understand "use [something enterable]" as entering.