Blue Lacuna — 41 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Player Commands

Section - Wayfaring and Painting

Understand "wayfare" as wayfaring. Wayfaring is an action applying to nothing.

Check wayfaring: say "You wayfare by painting." instead.

Vague painting is an action applying to nothing. Understand "paint" or "draw" or "work" or "make" or "finish" as "[paintword]". Understand "[paintword]" or "answer call" or "answer the call" as vague painting.

Painting is an action applying to one thing. Understand "use [lacuna-canvas]" or "use [paintbrushes]" or "[paintword] with [paintbrushes]" or "[paintword] [lacuna-canvas]" or "[paintword] on [lacuna-canvas]" as painting.

Carry out painting: say "[cantpainthere].". Carry out vague painting: say "[cantpainthere].". To say cantpainthere: say "There's nothing here to paint with[if location is regionally in Homeworld]; you must get to your studio[end if]".