Blue Lacuna — 409 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Presence Convo 5

dream5-presence is a dream presence in Dream5Nexus. The icebreaker of dream5-presence is d5_icebreaker.

FifthDT is a thread.

d5_icebreaker is an exciting repeatable beat in FifthDT with reaction "[d_attention].". d5_icebreaker summons d5_1. d5_icebreaker suggests d5_icebreaker. d5_1 replaces d5_icebreaker.

Understand "mind/minds/presence/presences" as d5_1 when last beat is in FifthDT. d5_1 is a beat in FifthDT with reaction "The minds retreat for a moment, gathering their thoughts to explain one last chapter in their story, then return, ready.". d5_1 suggests d5_2. d5_2 replaces d5_1.

d5_2 is a beat in FifthDT with reaction "There were two favors they asked of Progue. The first, repairing the egg device and restoring them to their great community of thought, was done by him before he even realized they existed. As they whispered in his mind, guiding him first to find the device, then teaching him how to repair it, he took their images for intuition, gut feelings, a sixth sense. Only at the moment of completion did he realize there was an Other in his mind.". d5_2 suggests d5_3. d5_3 replaces d5_2.

d5_3 is a beat in FifthDT with reaction "They asked Progue to do something else for them, something, you sense, even more important. Though they try for long, long moments to explain, you cannot grasp what this second favor was.". d5_3 suggests d5_4. d5_4 replaces d5_3.

d5_4 is a beat in FifthDT with reaction "Eventually they stop trying to explain, and seem content that you understand it was an important request. They seemed to think Progue would fulfill it. But, unexpectedly, in the end he did not. He was angry, and they did not know why. He stopped talking to them, stayed away, and they do not know why. They are confused. But they have a theory.". d5_4 suggests d5_5. d5_5 replaces d5_4.

d5_5 is a beat in FifthDT with reaction "Another concept forms in your mind: the notion of another 'they,' distinct from the minds you've been speaking to, not exactly enemies, or opposed, but different, unknown, perhaps threatening. The minds think this other group influenced Progue, misled him, convinced him not to help them. They warn you this group might still exist.[paragraph break]A question forms. Have they tried to contact you?". Instead of saying yes or saying maybe when last beat is d5_5, force discuss d5_yes. Instead of saying no when last beat is d5_5, force discuss d5_no. d5_5 suggests d5_no. d5_no replaces d5_5.

d5_yes is a terminal beat in FifthDT with reaction "They are troubled by this, and you sense ripples of discontent stretching back into the shadowed millions in their great distant civilization of minds. Finally, when the ripples fade and the surface is calm enough for unity again, you can sense their ponderous thoughts.[paragraph break]They convey to you a simple warning. The others may be false. They may not have your best interests in mind. Be careful what you believe. Be on your guard.[paragraph break]They fade into a general foreboding sense of paranoia, and when it fades, are gone.".

d5_no is a terminal beat in FifthDT with reaction "Contentment. They convey to you that this is good. Perhaps the others no longer wish to meddle. Perhaps they have forgotten the tricks they used to interfere before.[paragraph break]Perhaps you will help us, though Progue did not.[paragraph break]They fade into a general hum of contentment, and when it fades, are gone.".