Blue Lacuna — 408 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Nexus 5

Dream5Nexus is a nexus-room in Dreamlands. The printed name is "in the parlour". The description of Dream5Nexus is "Stylishly patterned wallpaper, brick fireplace with a mantel topped with expensive trinkets, the smell of ancient wood furniture polished weekly by obsequious servants. You don't remember this place, specifically, but you suppose you've been places like this before. Several fine wooden doorways are completely jammed full of [remembered thing], blocking any movement in those directions, but an unobstructed set of french [d]doors[x] leads into a bright exterior.[paragraph break]Two antique curios occupy prominent positions among the parlour's decor: a black wall-mounted [o]telephone[x] and a lumbering movie [o]projector[x][if projector is switched on] (projecting a strange film on a discreetly hidden [o]screen[x])[end if].".

Dream5Nexus-stuff is stuff in Dream5Nexus. Understand "wallpaper/fireplace/mantle/trinkets/wood/furniture/servants/doorways/exterior" as Dream5Nexus-stuff when location is Dream5Nexus.

A movie projector is an undescribed device in Dream5Nexus. The description is "This great metal giant, pointing at a discreet screen on a wall between two bookcases, is already threaded with a large full reel of film, and an empty catch reel. A gleaming [o]toggle[x] is the only control you can understand.". First report switching on projector: say "The toggle flips with a satisfying snap, turning on a brilliant lamp inside the projector which casts distorted shadows across the parlour through the fluted vents on its sides. A whir of fans and deeper hum spring from the depths of the machine, and with a clattering jerk, the reel begins to rotate.[paragraph break]After a countdown from 5 and a few seconds of blackness, a phantasmagoric scene of shifting [d]imagery[x] appears on the movie screen, like some flurry of activity filmed with a lens extremely out of focus, but dense with grain, as if the grain itself is in focus while the image is not." instead. First report switching off projector: say "You flip the toggle with a solid thud. The lamp dies, the fans and humming throb fade away, and the image dissolves, the reel of film slowing to a stop." instead. A large full reel of film is part of movie projector. Instead of taking reel, say "The film is threaded through the projector, and you can't find any control to rewind it.". The description of reel is "Thirty-five millimeter." The projector-switch is part of movie projector. Understand "toggle" as projector-switch. The printed name of projector-switch is "toggle on the projector". The description is "The toggle looks like it can be switched on or switched off.". Instead of pushing or using or switching on projector-switch when projector is switched off: try switching on projector. Instead of pushing or pulling or using or switching off projector-switch when projector is switched on: try switching off projector.

The screen is a setpiece in Dream5Nexus. The description is "[if projector is switched on]The screen shows a frenetic smudge of shifting [imagerybit], constantly changing, never quite resolving into recognizable forms or figures[otherwise]Nothing is being projected onto the small white screen[end if].". To say imagerybit: say "[if d5-portal-trigger is on-stage][d]imagery[x][otherwise]imagery[end if]".

d5-portal-trigger is part of the screen. Understand "imagery" as d5-portal-trigger when location is Dream5Nexus. Instead of examining d5-portal-trigger: say "You stare at the strange film being projected onto the screen, and suddenly notice the space between screen and projector, a three dimensional volume of dancing dust motes brilliantly illuminated by the images. You realize that the image is being projected upon every invisible particle in that space, that the real image is not what is on the screen at the end, but in between...[paragraph break]{(*between*)}[line break]"; begin-flashback-sequence; remove d5-portal-trigger from play.

A set of french doors is a setpiece in Dream5Nexus. Understand "door/curtain/curtains" as set of french doors when location is Dream5Nexus. The description is "The doors, made of some rich red-brown wood, are elegantly curtained.". Instead of opening french doors when dream-door-locked is true: say "Strangely, though you keep walking towards the doors, you find you can never quite reach them.". Instead of opening french doors: say "You pull open the doors, and incredibly bright sunlight stabs into your eyes..."; wake up now. Instead of examining french doors, try opening french doors.