Blue Lacuna — 399 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rebel Convo 2

Every turn when location is Dream2Nexus and d2-message is off-stage and the player has been in Dream2Nexus for at least 3 turns and active presence is not in location and conversation fuse >= 1 and yourself is asleep:

move d2-message to location;

say "On a nearby wall of polished black lava, you notice the steam coalescing into strange [o]shapes[x].".

The d2-message is a setpiece. Understand "shape/shapes" as d2-message when location is Dream2Nexus. The printed name is "shapes on the wall". The description is "As you stare at the shapes, you realize the steam [one of]is condensing[or]has condensed[stopping] onto the black surface in the shape of [o]letters[x], some script unknown to you, but strangely you find you can understand it."

The d2-letters is part of the d2-message. Understand "letters/writing/message/shadows" as d2-letters. The printed name is "message". The description is "You step closer and read the message:[paragraph break][i]What? Yes, we're transmitting. Shh. Hello? Ah. Fantastic. The Beast still works after all these years, it would seem. Well, there's not much time. We can only hack the signal for so long before... but listen to me, dithering. Greetings. Sincerest of greetings, whoever you are.[paragraph break]Let me be brief. These dreams you're having are dangerous. Don't believe everything you hear and see. There may be, well, motives at play, ulterior and otherwise. They may not have your best interests in mind.[paragraph break]Don't trust them. They've been using people like you for thousands of years. Yes, yes, who are 'they' and all that... there's no time to get into details, but soon we'll be able[r][paragraph break][one of]You watch for a long moment, but no further letters appear[or]And there the message on the wall stops[stopping].".