Blue Lacuna — 398 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Presence Convo 2

dream2-presence is a dream presence in Dream2Nexus. The icebreaker of dream2-presence is d2_icebreaker.

SecondDT is a thread.

d2_icebreaker is an exciting repeatable beat in SecondDT with reaction "[d1_attention][unless d1_ctr > 6 and d1_ctr < 11].[end if]". d2_icebreaker summons d2_1. d2_icebreaker suggests d2_icebreaker. d2_1 replaces d2_icebreaker.

Understand "presence/presences/mind/minds" as d2_1 when last beat is in SecondDT. d2_1 is a beat in SecondDT with reaction "The presence is satisfied. You do wish to listen, to hear and learn more. You sense it gather itself, concentration crinkling the ridges of thought as it tries with smoldering intensity to communicate.[paragraph break]Slowly, a concept takes place in your mind, like a long-forgotten word on the tip of your tongue, before finally breaking through, and as soon as it does you sense its truth.[paragraph break]There is not one presence, but [o]many[x].". d2_1 summons d2_2. d2_1 suggests d2_2. d2_2 replaces d2_1.

Understand "many" as d2_2 when last beat is in SecondDT. d2_2 is a beat in SecondDT with reaction "Now that you concentrate it seems obvious: yes, many minds, many small whispers, each distinct, but speaking together, all collaborating in their attempt to reach you. A handful are nearby, but behind them are the shadows of countless more, and some hidden sense suggests that distance is very far indeed.". d2_2 suggests d2_3. d2_3 replaces d2_2.

d2_3 is a beat in SecondDT with reaction "It is so terribly slow, this communication, but another concept begins to come to you, a bubble rising through cold molasses.[paragraph break]These minds speak to each other in the same way they speak to you. The reason it is so difficult to reach you is that...[paragraph break]No, you can't quite grasp it. It's too hard. As if their minds are so different from yours that even the simplest...[paragraph break]Ah. That's it. That's it exactly. Only in dreams, when your mind is open to the slightest hint of suggestion, can they reach you now. Slowly your mind and theirs are learning to sense each other, to communicate.". d2_3 suggests d2_4. d2_4 replaces d2_3.

d2_4 is a terminal beat in SecondDT with reaction "And slowly you become aware of something else. These minds exist only as minds, in some abstract civilization of pure thought. The first one like you they tried to reach...[paragraph break]The first?[paragraph break]But already the minds fade, and moments later, they are gone.".