Blue Lacuna — 393 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Book - Dream Rooms

Chapter - Dream 1

Section - Nexus 1

Dream1Nexus is a nexus-room in Dreamlands. The printed name of Dream1Nexus is "the tumble, studio". The description of Dream1Nexus is "The fire roars, stoked high with fresh-chopped wood, its bass growl mingling with the laughing soprano crinkles of the stream. Living pines form the great beams of the ceiling, their boughs swaying gently in invisible breezes and smelling of home and winter. But your canvases are gone, replaced by haphazard stacks of [remembered thing] and [remembered thing], floor to ceiling.[paragraph break]The front [d]door[x] of the lodge is shut tight. Vague premonitions hint at danger outside, some looming responsibility.[paragraph break]One [o]canvas[x] remains, huge, suspended in the center of the room and alive with motion[if d1-rebletter is in location][d1ltrapp][end if].".

Dream1Nexus-stuff is stuff in Dream1Nexus. Understand "fire/wood/growl/crinkles/stream/pine/pines/living/great/beams/boughs/breeze/breezes/canvases/stack" as Dream1Nexus-stuff when location is Dream1Nexus.

The d1-portal-canvas is an undescribed setpiece in Dream1Nexus. The printed name is "canvas". Understand "canvas" as d1-portal-canvas when location is Dream1Nexus. The description is "It twitches and moves, distorted and curling at the edges, more grain than image, a signal warped back on itself, degraded, dancing with particles of noise. But inside the chaos are forms, shapes, things, people.[if d1-portal-trigger is on-stage][paragraph break]You wonder what paints the artist used to produce the effect. Perhaps if you stepped [d]closer[x]...[end if]". Instead of entering or touching or taking d1-portal-canvas when d1-portal-trigger is on-stage, try examining d1-portal-trigger.

d1-portal-trigger is part of d1-portal-canvas. Understand "closer" or "step closer" as d1-portal-trigger when location is Dream1Nexus.

Instead of examining d1-portal-trigger: say "You step towards the painting in wonder. The swirling image fills your field of vision, swarming past the surface of your eyes and into your optic nerves, into your brain, and inside that, your mind...[paragraph break]{(*mind*)}[line break]"; begin-flashback-sequence; remove d1-portal-trigger from play.

The d1-door is an undescribed setpiece in Dream1Nexus. The printed name is "front door". Understand "door" as d1-door when location is Dream1Nexus. [Instead of doing anything other than examining or examining by name or opening the d1-door, try examining d1-door.] Instead of opening d1-door when dream-door-locked is true, say "The door is stuck fast.[escapeattempt]". Instead of opening d1-door: say "The door swings wide, and behind it sears a burst of blazing light..."; wake up now. Instead of examining d1-door, try opening d1-door.

The mail slot is part of d1-door. The description is "Strange, you never noticed it before. Perhaps Rume had it put in while you were gone.".