Blue Lacuna — 383 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Finishing Up

washed_out is a number that varies. washed_out is 0.

A finishing rule for Water Works:

if Player Rescue has ended, rule succeeds;

if Progue Rescue has ended and Player Rescue is not happening, rule succeeds;

if completely submerged and Player Rescue is not happening, rule succeeds.[aar]

A completion rule for Water Works:

if completely submerged and Player Rescue is not happening and we-were-submerged is false, say "[submergedmsg].";

if Drama Manager is being debugged, say "// Drama Manager: Tsunami: **Player rescue has ended: [if player rescue has ended]T[otherwise]F[end if]; Progue Rescue has ended: [if Progue Rescue has ended]T[otherwise]F[end if]; Progue Rescue is not happening: [if Progue Rescue is not happening]T[otherwise]F[end if]**";

tidy up the flood.

To tidy up the flood:

now the time of day is 9:45 AM;

now player_imperiled is false;

now water_count is 0 feet;

move the player to Rise, without printing a room description;

move Progue to Center Beach;

now the animus of Progue is ruminating;

[ now the posture of the player is reclining;]

now the psyche of Progue is uncertainty;

now Progue is fulfilling;

move the left ear to North Beach;

move fallen trees to Rise;

now volcano sculpture is loosened;

if Saddle is visited and withered vine is closed:

now withered vine is open;

move shallow puddles to Volcano Floor;

move clockwork head to Treehouse; [?]

now time-for-shark-scene is true;

now the ambience table of Crater Pond is Table of Geyser Ambience;

remove pond-birds from play;

remove water lilies from play;

move sketchbook to Hut;

remove wooden cube from play;

now the activity counter of Progue is -50;

now every room is dry;

print a section break;

if compass is unmolested and compass is worn and puzzle mode:

now compass is revealed;

say "Something scrapes roughly against your chest. You groggily open your eyes to morning light and sit up, rubbing the [o]compass[x] absently; something seems to have popped open on the back side in the chaos";


if compass is not worn:

if puzzle mode, now compass is revealed;

now compass is described;

change the initial appearance of the compass to "Half-buried in the sand, a gleaming round [o]compass[x] catches the light.";

move compass to Center Beach;

say "You groggily open your eyes to morning light";

say ".[paragraph break]You stand slowly, shakily to your feet, and look around. It seems you've survived.";

begin chapter 6;

now only-look-once is false;

try looking;

move distant-Progue to location;

say "Off near the center of the [d]beach[x], you see Progue, sitting with knees hunched up staring out at the tide.".