Blue Lacuna — 353 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Knitted You A Gift

[Paternal / affinitive.]

Knitted You A Gift is a common urgent episode with summary "your konokuk husk sweater". The expiration date is 6 hours. The icebreaker is kyag_intro. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

Last condition for Knitted You A Gift:

if conversation fuse < 15, rule fails;

if affinity of Progue > 0, rule succeeds.

KYAG is a thread. kyag_intro is a beat in kyag with reaction "'Just the [if player is male]man[else]girl[end if] I'm looking for,' Progue says, approaching you with hands holding something behind his back. 'Got a little gift for you. Something I made with my own two. Look!' And he pulls out from behind his back a huge blob of brown fur, which you slowly realize is some sort of [o]sweater[x] made from konokuk husks.". After discussing kyag_intro: move husk sweater to location; continue the action. kyag_intro suggests kyag_offer.

kyag_offer is a beat in kyag with reaction "'Just for you,' he beams proudly, regarding it as if it's a long-lost work of art, 'should be just your size, too. Go on, try it on!' He holds it out for you to take, but you hesitate, wondering if rather than [kyag_tryon] it might be better for everyone if instead you gently [kyag_refuse].". kyag_offer summons kyag_tryon. kyag_offer suggests kyag_refuse.

Understand "refuse" as kyag_refuse when last beat is in kyag. kyag_refuse is an unpaternal terminal beat in kyag with keyword name "refuse" and reaction "[if submission of Progue > 0]His face falls. 'Oh, well that's right and alright then,' he says, looking down at the sweater with flushed cheeks, 'it is an awful monstrosity, isn't it? Don't know what crept into me. Terrible sorries![else]'All that time to make this for you and you won't even try it on? Moisty hells. Fine, I'll keep it myself then.[end if]' He shoves the sweater awkwardly half-into a bulging pocket.".

Check taking the husk sweater: force discuss kyag_tryon instead.

Understand "accept" as kyag_tryon when last beat is in kyag. kyag_tryon is a beat in kyag with keyword name "accept" and reaction "You cautiously take hold of the rustling offering and heft its surprisingly heavy bulk. Progue looks pleased.[paragraph break]'Go on now, let's see you try it on,' he says eagerly.". The yes-beat of kyag_tryon is kyag_tryon2. The no-beat of kyag_tryon is kyag_refuse. kyag_tryon summons kyag_refuse, kyag_tryon2. After discussing kyag_tryon: move husk sweater to player; continue the action. kyag_tryon cancels kyag_refuse.

Understand "okay/ok" as kyag_tryon2 when last beat is in kyag. kyag_tryon2 is a beat in kyag with keyword name "okay" and reaction "You slip your arms through the sleeves and immediately they start to itch and feel hot. By the time you have managed to shrug the bulky sweater all the way on you are sweating profusely, and not just from the exertion.[paragraph break]'Oh, it looks something wonderful!' Progue gushes, plucking the sleeves and looking over you appraisingly. 'Charming. Now then, anything you wanted to discuss?'". Instead of wearing husk sweater when kyag_tryon2 is available, try discussing kyag_tryon2. After discussing kyag_tryon2: now player wears husk sweater; continue the action.

The husk sweater is a wearable thing. The description is "A shapeless blob of brown hair, the sweater seems to have been woven from konokuk husks. While the workmanship of the full-length sleeves and muffled collar is very fine, it looks rather hot for a tropical environment.". After going when player wears the husk sweater and a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds: say "You [one of]sweat profusely[or]itch madly[or]prickle your arms annoyingly[in random order] against the konokuk sweater."; continue the action. Check dropping husk sweater: say "You would feel a bit guilty just throwing it away like trash." instead.

Knitted Aftermath is a guaranteed urgent triggered episode. The icebreaker is kyag_letmedown. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

A condition for Knitted Aftermath:

if conversation fuse < 6, rule fails;

if player wears husk sweater or player holds husk sweater, rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Knitted Aftermath:

if player wears husk sweater, now icebreaker of Knitted Aftermath is kyag_goodboy;

remove husk sweater from play.

kyag_letmedown is an unpaternal beat in kyag with reaction "'Oh, didn't like the sweater then?' Progue says in consternation. 'Well I can keep it for you if you aren't going to wear it.' He takes the sweater from your grateful hands and awkwardly shoves it into a pouch; tiny strands of husk shred off and dance sadly in the humid air.".

kyag_goodboy is a paternal beat in kyag with reaction "'Lizard sausages, are you still wearing that thing?' Progue asks, tugging on a sleeve of the itchy sweater. 'I didn't mean you had to keep wearing it for all your life. Oh, but sweet as sweet of you to do so,' he adds with a smile and a clap on the back as you gratefully pull the clinging, ropey, itchy thing off. He takes it from you and regards it fondly before packing it away in a bulging pouch.".