Blue Lacuna — 313 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Tending to Wounded Player Conversation

[ If you do something stupid and wound yourself, Progue will find you and take you back to the hut for treatment. Since this scene could happen at nearly any point along Progue's psychological development, there are several variations, but the two biggest are:

-- Progue has not yet gone through the fear phase, and your unconcious body is the trigger he needs to convince him you are real. He will heal you and leave you food but not stick around to talk.

-- Progue has moved past this phase, and will wait until you wake up to have a conversation with you. This scene offers a good chance to increase Progue's paternalism number. ]

Tending-to-Wounded-Player is a guaranteed instant triggered episode.

First condition for Tending-to-Wounded-Player:

if chasm-jump-try is 2 or cliff-climb-try is 2, rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Tending-to-Wounded-Player:

move the player to Hut, without printing a room description;

now the player is wounded;

move the pile of fresh fruit to Hut;

Progue feels more like a father;

Progue is less submissive;

print a section break;

if the psyche of Progue is suppression or the psyche of Progue is uncertainty or the psyche of Progue is emotional begin;

say "Waves.[paragraph break]You open your eyes. Progue is standing above you. Somewhere near your feet is a dull, throbbing pain.[paragraph break]'The bone's set,' he says simply, arms folded as he looks at you with something between annoyance and fondness. 'Now there's something I haven't done in a while. You'll be full on before long. Do try and try to be a little more careful when climbing and crawling and jumping, eh [animal-nickname]? I'm not the most credentialed of doctors.'[paragraph break]He winks and turns to leave as you slip back into sleep.[paragraph break]Some time later, you open your eyes.";


now the psyche of Progue is fear;

summon Progue to Ledge;

now the animus of Progue is hiding;

say "Waves.[paragraph break]Pain ripples through you, somewhere near your feet, and definitely in your skull. But your whole body ripples, sways, and you sense dimly that someone is carrying you.[paragraph break]The voice is muttering something, repeating it. 'Can't, can't, can't be,' it sounds like. 'Real. [if player is male]H[otherwise]Sh[end if]e's real.' And then you slip beneath the surface again, where all is still.[paragraph break]Time passes, and when you breach again you're lying in comfort, and despite the hurt you can feel that someone has tended to the wound. Surf crashes somewhere.[paragraph break]You open your eyes.";

try looking;

end if.

A finishing rule for Tending-to-Wounded-Player:

if location is not Hut, rule succeeds.

The pile of fresh fruit is described set dressing. The initial appearance is "Within reach of you is a pile of fresh [o]fruit[x].". The description is "Berries and some hairy brown half-spheres with white, succulent flesh inside.". Instead of tasting or taking the pile of fresh fruit: say "You find yourself ravenously hungry, and quickly devour the pile of fruit. Afterwards you feel a little better."; remove pile of fresh fruit from play.

Before going or exiting or landmark-going when current episode is Tending-to-Wounded-Player:

if Progue is attentive, say "You eye your leg gingerly, and decide you're not feeling up to walking just yet." instead.

First before going or exiting when current episode is Tending-to-Wounded-Player: acknowledge injury. [First check wordgoing when current episode is Tending-to-Wounded-Player: acknowledge injury.]

To acknowledge injury: say "[one of]Gingerly, testing your weight carefully, you get to your feet. You're relieved to find that you'll be able to walk, but running and jumping will probably be out of the question for quite a while.[or][stopping]".