Blue Lacuna — 312 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Art Critic

[Another way the player can push Progue into "fear" is by pushing the volcano sculpture off the edge]

Art Critic is a guaranteed triggered rendezvous denialy episode. The icebreaker is ac_intro.

Last condition for Art Critic:

if volcano sculpture is off-stage, rule succeeds.

First commencement rule for Art Critic:

if the psyche of Progue is denial, now the icebreaker of Art Critic is ac_denialintro.

AC is a thread. The escape clause is ac_destruction.

ac_denialintro is a beat in AC with reaction "'My statue!' he says. 'You-- you pushed it off the edge. Spirits don't do that. Spirits don't-- oh, oh no oh no...'". ac_denialintro enqueues sr_shocking.

ac_intro is an unaffinitive submissive beat in AC with reaction "'Are you quite pleased with yourself then?' Progue asks angrily. 'You see I didn't think to bother to put up signs reading [']don't push the statues off the edges of volcanoes['] because besides from the obvious fact that there wasn't anyone to read them until just recently, it was the sort of thing I would have expected to fall under the rubric of common decency.'[paragraph break]He folds his arms. 'Well and care to explain yourself then?' he asks. 'In the mood for a meaningless act of [ac_destruction], or have you become an art [ac_critic]?'". ac_intro summons ac_power. ac_intro suggests ac_destruction.

Understand "power" as ac_power when last beat is in AC. ac_power is a terminal beat in AC with keyword name "power" and reaction "He listens, but seems unimpressed. 'Hardly seems worth destroying a work of art for,' he says, but waves you off before you can say anything more. 'Suppose it's not important anyway; haven't been up to look at it in green eons, but...' He bites his lip, then turns away abruptly.".

Understand "destruction" as ac_destruction when last beat is in AC. ac_destruction is an unaffinitive terminal beat in AC with keyword name "destruction" and reaction "He nods. 'What I thought,' he says, 'violent. Destructive. Something thatwise. Have to keep my eye on you,' he adds darkly, 'who knows what else you might try and destroy.'".

Understand "critic" as ac_critic when last beat is in AC. ac_critic is a terminal beat in AC with keyword name "critic" and reaction "He listens incredulously, and you think he's about to strangle you. Then suddenly he bursts into a long fit of helpless laughter.[paragraph break]'No and no,' he says finally, wiping tears from his eyes in a fit of helpless giggles, 'I suppose it wasn't that good after all, was it? Amateurish in the extreme. Ah well-oh. One less crystal brick dragging me down to the abandoned past then. Nothing to get upended over. Enjoy the rest of the [Progue-time-of-day], [animal-nickname]; just try not to cause too much damage, eh?'".