Blue Lacuna — 300 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Interrupt-Swimming

First instead of greeting Progue when the animus of Progue is swimming and Progue is fulfilling: say "[one of]'I'm imagining,' [the Progue] says, keeping his eyes firmly closed and a serene smile firmly on his face, 'a wonderful time before you appeared, when a man could have a relaxing [progue-time-of-day] swim without being pestered by obnoxious spirits. I wonder when such a time will come again?'[or]The strange man hums some tune quietly to himself, ignoring you.[or]Other than scissoring himself slightly farther away from you, [the Progue] makes no response.[or]'Can't hear you,' [the Progue] says, 'only the sweet songs of the fish.'[cycling]".