Blue Lacuna — 299 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rainfall Rhapsody

Rainfall Rhapsody is a serendipitous rerunnable guaranteed triggered denialy episode. The icebreaker is rr_intro. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence.

Last condition rule for Rainfall Rhapsody:

if raining, rule succeeds.

RR is thread. rr_intro is a beat in RR with reaction "'[one of]Ahhh[or]Perfect[or]Wonderful[at random],' [the Progue] says eagerly, [one of]throwing back his head in the rain[or]stretching out his arms[or]closing his eyes and letting the rain stream down his face[in random order]. '[one of]Nothing better than a brisk afternoon rain shower[or]I love a good rain shower[in random order].'".