Blue Lacuna — 263 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Archetype Message

[ This prints a dramatic clause based on Progue's archetype. This should only be used in the confrontation, since some of the drama levels wouldn't make sense in a normal conversation.]

To say archetype message:

if neurotic dad:

say "[one of]hurriedly interrupting you in a consoling tone[or]making anxious placating motions with his hands[or]smiling nervously while trying to seem tall and inspiring[in random order]";

else if father knows best:

say "[one of]giving you a chiding look[or]confident in his lecturing[or]fully expecting you to listen[in random order]";

else if bitter dad:

say "[one of]speaking quickly as if sure you plan to interrupt him[or]waving a desperate finger at you as if in weak admonishment[or]trying and failing to adopt a stern, paternal tone[in random order]";

else if disciplinarian:

say "[one of]cutting you off with a stern glare[or]grabbing your arm as if expecting you to run away[or]rooting you to the spot with an angry, commandeering gaze[in random order]";

else if toady:

say "[one of]grabbing your sleeve in an almost pathetically eager attempt to secure your attention[or]eyes wide with pleading, begging you to hear his say[or]clutching your hand fawningly[in random order]";

else if lover:

say "[one of]closing his hands around yours[or]putting his hands on your shoulders[or]stepping close to you[in random order]";

else if twitterpated:

say "[one of]falling to his knees and clutching your hand desperately[or]taking your head in his hands and looking into your eyes with pleading[or]hugging you fiercely for a moment before breaking away and staring into your eyes[in random order]";

else if enemy:

say "[one of]regarding you cooly[or]folding his arms as he watches you warily[or]tones clipped as he speaks with forced over-politeness[in random order]";

else if slave or shattered lover:

say "[one of]falling to the ground and groveling at your ankles[or]sniveling and only glancing up at your eyes in furtive intervals[or]wringing his hands and looking up at you with desperate pleading in his eyes[in random order]";

else if bitter lover:

say "[one of]looking at you with barely concealed contempt[or]dark lines around red-rimmed eyes telegraphing his hatred[or]cold fury making his movements short and clipped[in random order]";


say "[one of]body tense but tone calling on your easy familiarity[or]making eye contact to impress upon you how important this is to him[or]touching a hand to your arm for a moment as if invoking your friendship[in random order]".