Blue Lacuna — 236 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rope Bridge and Pillar

The secret rope bridge is an undescribed door. It is northeast of Seal Beach and southwest of Overhang. The secret rope bridge is unopenable and closed and not lockable. The description is "The long rope bridge arcs gently over the peaky, deep blue waves crashing against each other in the channel below, some three or four times your height above them, before reaching what looks like a grotto on the small island.". Instead of crossing the secret rope bridge, try entering the secret rope bridge. Instead of entering the secret rope bridge when secret rope bridge is closed, say "You can't get to the start of the bridge from here; it runs from the secret island to the top of a freestanding boulder a good distance from your ledge above the beach.". Instead of going northeast in Seal Beach when secret rope bridge is closed, try entering the secret rope bridge.

Instead of jumping when location is Seal Beach, say "On this tiny ledge, you have no way to get a running start or even a good solid push-off point-- you'd never make it.".

Instead of going down in Seal Beach: say "There's not a good way to scramble down to the beach from here, and even if you could, there'd hardly be a place to stand, and you'd disturb the seals. Or, judging by their size, they might well disturb you instead.".

The secret-bridge control is an open unopenable undescribed container in Seal Beach with printed name "pillar". It is fixed in place. Understand "pillar/indentation/jagged/hole" as secret-bridge control. The description is "It rises to about waist height and is featureless, except for a circular indentation on its flat top. In one half of the indentation is a jagged hole, in the shape of a seven-pointed star.". Instead of inserting the compass into the secret-bridge control when the compass is unmolested or the compass is revealed: say "The compass fits in the indentation perfectly[if compass is revealed], and the star shape lines up with the hole in the indentation,[end if] but no matter how you push, prod, twist, or align it, nothing seems to happen. You pick it back up and put it around your neck again.". Instead of inserting the compass into the secret-bridge control: now secret rope bridge is open; say "The extruded star shape and the compass fit perfectly in the indentations atop the pillar. As you drop it into place, a catch releases, and the wooden archway falls forward and slams down on the first plank of the rope bridge, allowing you to reach it and go [dr]across[x][if dir] [northeast][end if] to the other side.". Instead of putting something (called dongle) on the secret-bridge control: try inserting dongle into secret-bridge control. [Understand "lay/place/press" as "[press]".] Understand "lay [something] in/inside/into/to/on [something]" as inserting it into. Understand "place [something] in/inside/into/to/on [something]" as inserting it into. Understand "press [something] in/inside/into/to/on [something]" as inserting it into.

Instead of inserting something into secret-bridge control, say "That doesn't go there.". Instead of touching secret-bridge control, say "The pillar is just a simple wooden pole, slick with sea spray; the indentation on top is about the size of a pocketwatch.". Instead of pushing secret-bridge control, say "You push down on the indentation, but it is just a shape scooped out of the wood. Your finger is too large to fit in the seven-pointed hole in the bottom.". Instead of attacking secret-bridge control, say "The pillar seems firmly secured, and does not give to a good kick.".

The wooden archway is a setpiece in Seal Beach. The description is "[if secret rope bridge is closed]The narrow wooden archway is really just two vertical planks, joined at the top with a rounded connector[else]The archway has collapsed, forming two planks spanning the gap between you and the start of the rope bridge[end if].". Instead of pushing or pulling the wooden archway when secret rope bridge is closed: say "It seems a little wobbly, but something firmly resists your moving it very far.". Instead of pushing or pulling the wooden archway: say "You can't get any leverage to lift it back up.". Check entering archway: if secret rope bridge is open, try entering secret rope bridge instead; else say "The archway leads only to a sheer dropoff, with sharp rocks and a hungry sea below. A gap too far to jump stands between here and the boulder where the bridge begins." instead.

Report going from Seal Beach to Overhang: say "You walk across the long creaking plank bridge, swaying in the turbulence of the breeze and your footsteps, clutching the scratchy vine rails tightly, till you step under a rocky overhang at the island on the far side.". Report going from Seal Beach to Backside: say "You climb back up into the narrow canyon towards the rainforest above.".