Blue Lacuna — 235 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Seal Beach

The prose name of Seal Beach is "the seal beach". The description of Seal Beach is "[sealbeachdesc].". To say sealbeachdesc:

say "The canyon abruptly drops off here to a short, rocky beach covered in speckled brown [o]seals[x], grunting and shuffling lazily. A waterfall cascades off the cliff from the dense wall of rain forest above, vanishing into the wet stones in the hidden alcove. Across what looks to be a deep and turbulent channel of seawater rises a tiny domed island like a balding head, lush green trees sprouting from its upper slopes[dot]";

say "A rope [o]bridge[x] spans the channel to the small island[if puzzle mode], but it starts from a rocky boulder a stone's throw away; even though a narrow wooden [o]archway[x] on the ledge you stand on seems to be a gateway to it, you see no way to get across to the bridge. A [o]pillar[x] rises from the ground near the archway[end if][dot]";

say "[exits]".

The exits text of Seal Beach is "[etsealbeach]". To say etsealbeach: if secret rope bridge is open, say "The dry streambed leads [bw of Backside][up] towards the plateau, or you could head [dr]across[x] the bridge[if dir] to the [northeast][end if] [bw of Overhang]towards the tiny island"; otherwise say "The dry streambed leading [bw of Backside][up] is the only place you can really get to at the moment". Understand "across" as northeast when secret rope bridge is open and location is Seal Beach.

Some mottled seals are an undescribed animal in Seal Beach. The description is "The seals bask noisily on the small beach, packed in so tight you almost cannot see the rocky sand beneath them.". Understand "seal" as some seals.

The seal-waterfall is a setpiece in Seal Beach with printed name "waterfall". Understand "waterfall" as seal-waterfall.

The tiny domed island is scenery in Seal Beach with description "Lush green vegetation clings to the top of the tiny island as if it were the only spot of land in the world.".

A rocky boulder is minor scenery in Seal Beach with description "The sheer, algae-slicked sides of the boulder rise from the turbulent channel, unconnected to either the main island, and joined to the smaller domed island by the bridge.".

Check vague swimming when location is Seal Beach: say "Swift currents seem to be moving through the deep passage between here and the domed island, and foam laps angrily against sharp rocks. This is not a good place to swim." instead.