Blue Lacuna — 232 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Egg Room

The prose name of Egg Room is "the crashed egg ship". The description of Egg Room is "[eggroomdesc].". To say eggroomdesc: say "Rising from the ground of this hidden [if we have examined the egg-proper]crater[otherwise]hollow[end if], walled in by dense jungle on all sides, is a massive rounded shape[if afternoon] lit by a single shaft of sunlight[otherwise if night and moonup] made ominous by the indistinct and filtered moonlight[end if]. Dense encrusted jungle growth fails to hide that the shape underneath is perfectly smooth and rounded, like a giant-sized [o]egg[x] with one end smashed and crumbling. [eggdesc2]". To say eggdesc2: say "A few paces from the egg is a rough-hewn [o]workbench[x] growing out of a carpet of wildflowers, nearly swallowed up by the jungle and [windsigh phrase of tree6] that seems to grow from its center, roots twining down table legs to the ground.[paragraph break]Near the workbench is a grassy [o]mound[x], relatively free from forest debris.[paragraph break][exits]". The printed name of Egg Room is "The Egg". The exits text of Egg Room is "Dim shapes beckon from the [inside] of the egg. The trunk of the fallen tree leads back [up] out of the crater, while you sense open space [down] a steep slope leading to a crack in the crater wall".

Eggroom-stuff is stuff in Egg room. Understand "crater/hollow/walled/jungle/shaft/growth/legs/crack" as Eggroom-stuff when location is Egg room.

Report going from Egg Room to Egg Interior: say "[if Egg Interior is unvisited]Hesitantly, y[otherwise]Y[end if]ou step inside the [if night]black[otherwise if twilight or dawn]indistinct[otherwise]shadowed[end if] interior of the Egg.".

The egg-proper is a setpiece in Egg Room. The printed name is "egg". Understand "shape" or "massive" or "rounded" or "giant-sized" or "giant" or "end" or "smashed" or "crumbling" or "egg" as egg-proper. The description is "[one of]As you study the position of the egg against the surrounding topography, something becomes chillingly clear: you stand within a crater, and this egg-shaped object was its cause[or]The position of the egg relative to the surrounding topography makes it clear that this great shape fell from the sky long years ago[stopping]. Despite what must have been a tremendous impact, the egg is mostly intact: the bottom is crushed, and a great crack has opened up providing access to the [d]inside[x], but otherwise the lines of the moss-encrusted shape are unbroken.". Instead of attacking egg-proper: say "Underneath the moss, dirt, and vegetation, the metallic surface seems terribly solid and uncorroded.". The dream-text of egg-proper is "cartons of eggs". Instead of entering egg-proper: try going inside. Check climbing egg-proper: say "The vines and vegetation half-dragging the egg back into the forest make easy hand and footholds. You quickly clamber up to the top of the egg, but find nothing underneath the muck of fallen leaves and soil other than a smooth, unbroken surface.[paragraph break]After a thorough search, you return to the ground.".

The rough-hewn workbench is an undescribed supporter in Egg Room. Understand "bench" or "table" as rough-hewn workbench. The description is "Obviously assembled hastily and with no eye for craftsmanship, the workbench rests half-concealed under a tangling mass of jungle overgrowth[if eggvines are off-stage]; although you've cleared the top to reveal [a list of things on the rough-hewn workbench][otherwise]; thick [o]vines[x] and moss have completely overrun its surface[end if].". The dream-text of workbench is "delicate stacks of painted eggs".

Some eggvines are a prop in Egg Room. The printed name of eggvines is "vines". Understand "vines" or "moss" as eggvines. The description of eggvines is "The vines have completely overrun the surface of the workbench." Instead of taking or pulling or pushing or attacking eggvines for the first time: say "You pull one of the vines. It clings tightly to the wood, but slowly strips away, revealing a weathered strip of wood beneath. It looks like with a bit of work, you could remove the vines from the bench." Before taking or pulling or pushing or attacking eggvines: remove the eggvines from play; say "Working systematically, you begin stripping the vines and growth from the table. The forest has encroached on the workbench to an unbelievable extent, but after a few minutes of solid work, you've managed to uncover the surface. [paragraph break]On the workbench are [a list of things on the workbench]." instead. Instead of looking under eggvines, say "Some irregular lumps in the undergrowth do seem to hint there may be something under there." Instead of rubbing the rough-hewn workbench, try pulling the eggvines. Understand "remove vines from [workbench]" as rubbing when location is Egg Room.

A cluster of seed pods is a prop on the rough-hewn workbench. Understand "pod" as cluster of seed pods. The description is "Spread around the young [if tree1 is named][o]windsigh[x][otherwise][o]tree[x], another of those like the one you painted[end if], which seems to grow out of the table itself, half-buried in dirt, are a handful of tiny, pointed seed pods unlike any others you've seen on the island. Light in weight and colored a rich yellow-brown, the size of a small fruit, the seed is filled with a myriad of tiny holes running straight through its roughly spherical shape.". Rule for printing the name of cluster of seed pods while listing contents: say "cluster of [o]seed[x] pods". Understand "plant [cluster of seed pods]" or "bury [cluster of seed pods]" as a mistake ("Carefully, you dig a small hole in the ground and bury the seed in it, covering the hole back up and patting it firmly."). Instead of attacking cluster of seed pods: say "The pods are hard and the tines sharp, but you manage to crush one under the base of your hand against the workbench.". The dream-text of cluster of seed pods is "thousands of pointed seed pods".

A silver tube is a prop on the rough-hewn workbench. The description is "Wiping a layer of grime from the tube, you see that underneath its surface is a lustrous, metallic silver. The tube is hollow and open at one end; as you tip it another seed cone rolls out.". Rule for printing the name of silver tube while listing contents: say "silver [o]tube[x]".

[The fallen windsigh tree is a setpiece in Egg Room. The description is "Though stripped of its vines and yellow flowers, you've seen enough windsigh by now to recognize this trunk as one of them. It has been many years since this one fell; rainfall, termites, and rot have made the trunk spongy and are starting to meld its shape into the land beneath it. It's still solid enough, however, to walk [up] its length back to the rain forest.".]

tree6 is a windsigh tree in Egg Room. Understand "young" as tree6. The printed name of tree6 is "young [if tree1 is named]windsigh[x] [end if]tree". The description is "This young [if tree1 is named]windsigh[otherwise]tree[end if], only about twice your height[if tree1 is unnamed] but recognizably the same as the other twisted trees you've seen[end if], seems to be growing straight out of the workbench, long spindly roots twined around the table legs to plunge into the soil below, lemon-yellow leaves poking brightly from its vine-wrapped branches.". Instead of climbing tree6, say "The tree is too young to climb without damaging it.".

The tree6-nook is a nook in Egg Room. The printed name is "grassy mound". Understand "grassy/mound/grass" as tree6-nook. The description is "The mound looks like a good spot to curl up on." Instead of touching tree6-nook, say "The grass is soft and dry.". First report entering tree6-nook: say "You stretch out on the grassy mound. The warm grass collapses into a nest beneath your body, and the blades tickle your nose until you shift into a better position." instead. First report getting off when player was on tree6-nook: say "You step up off the grassy mound." instead. The sleep message of Egg Room is "Lulled by the rustling of the leaves above and the quiet sigh of the tree, you drift into a deep, bottomless sleep."

A circle of quartz is a prop on the workbench. Understand "glass" or "lens" or "magnifying" or "shape" or "convex" as circle of quartz. The description is "Cleaning the dirt and moss from this hefty piece of translucent rock, the size of a large dinner plate, you see it has been expertly carved into a convex shape that allows it to act as a simple magnifying lens.". Rule for printing the name of a circle of quartz while listing contents: say "circle of [o]quartz[x]". Instead of taking circle of quartz: say "It's too heavy to carry it around, and encrusted with enough dirt and grime to not function very well as a magnifier any more, regardless." Understand "look through [circle]" or "look in [circle]" as a mistake ("Peering through the quartz, you can see how it has been shaped to magnify things. You study the various objects on the workbench for a few moments, but learn nothing useful.").

The ambience table of Egg Room is Table of Egg Room ambience.

Table of Egg Room ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
common------Table of Windsigh ambience