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Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Forest9

The prose name of Forest9 is "the rain forest". The description of Forest9 is "[forest9desc].". To say forest9desc: say "[if milestone mode is false and final release mode is false](9)[end if]Vines, tree trunks, and fallen leaves so glut this spot it almost seems you are indoors, trapped in some shifting vegetable prison, but at the center of the green maelstrom the lesser plants make way for [windsigh phrase of tree5], the only one you've seen in the forest, rising mysteriously from the damp mossy earth.[paragraph break]A large, flat-topped [o]boulder[x] near the tree is topped by a bed of deep, springy moss.[paragraph break][exits]". To say Forest9Exits: say "You can escape towards strange bubbling [dr]sounds[x][if dir] to the [northeast][end if], follow the edge of the dropoff [F9ex2]". To say F9ex2: say "[if dir][southeast] or [west][otherwise]through a [dr]grove[x] of armored palms or in the [dr]opposite[x] direction[end if], or bushwhack through a wall of [dr]shrubs[x][if dir] [northwest][end if]". Report going from Forest9 to Forest8: say "Passing by clusters of strange green-black leaves that spear straight up and then gently fan out far above your head, you curve around the most easy path before stepping into wisps of sulfury mist." Report going from Forest9 to Forest6: say "Bravely, you push into the wall of shrubs and immediately decide you've made a mistake: hundreds of tiny rough leaves and sticks scratch you on every exposed surface. Attempts to back up make matters even worse, so instead you make a desperate push forward and pop out into a grove of curious fruits." Report going from Forest9 to Forest3: say "You follow the dropoff, curving gently, into another part of the forest." Report going from Forest9 to Forest4: say "The densely clustered palms provide only one real route past their stunted trunks, as you work gradually around the dropoff, keeping it to your right as you curve around. Eventually the ground hardens up and you find yourself in a less crowded part of the forest.". Understand "sounds" as northeast when location is Forest9. Understand "grove" as southeast when location is Forest9. Understand "opposite" as west when location is Forest9. Understand "shrub/shrubs" as northwest when location is Forest9.

Tree5 is a windsigh tree in Forest9.

The tree5-nook is a nook in Forest9. The printed name is "boulder". Understand "boulder/moss" as tree5-nook when location is Forest9. The description is "The mossy top of the boulder looks like an inviting place to lie down for a minute." Instead of touching tree5-nook, say "The moss is not damp at all, and soft as fur under your fingertips.". First report entering tree5-nook: say "Easily lifting yourself up to the top of the boulder, you stretch out on the soft moss." instead. First report getting off when player was on tree5-nook: say "Reluctantly, you push your feet off the edge of the mossy boulder and return your feet to the rain forest soil." instead. The sleep message of Forest9 is "As you close your eyes, the sounds of the rain forest seem to fade away until all you can hear is the rustling of the windsigh's lemon-yellow leaves, and the sighing tones of air moving through its perforated branches. Slowly, even these fade as you drift into sleep."

The ambience table of Forest9 is Table of Forest9 ambience.

Table of Forest9 ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
common------Table of Windsigh ambience