Blue Lacuna — 223 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Rain Forest Rooms

Section - Forest1

The prose name of Forest1 is "the rain forest". The description of Forest1 is "[forest1desc].". To say forest1desc: say "[if milestone mode is false and final release mode is false](1)[end if][A sentence about the forest profusion]. Clusters of deep-green fronds spring out in concentric circles from tiny buds here on a gentle slope. [paragraph break][exits]". To say Forest1Exits: say "Passable routes depart through a wooden [dr]archway[x][if dir] to the [east][end if], [if dir][southeast] [end if]into a fern-clogged [dr]valley[x], towards a distant [dr]brightness[x][if dir] [north][end if], or "; say "[if dir][south] [end if][dr]between[x] two great hoary tree trunks". Understand "passing" or "between" as south when location is Forest1. Understand "fern-clogged" or "clogged" or "valley" as southeast when location is Forest1. Understand "archway" or "branches" as east when location is Forest1. Understand "brightness" as north when location is Forest1. Report going from Forest1 to Forest7: say "You pass underneath the natural archway of intertwined tree branches." Report going from Forest1 to Forest6: say "You walk carefully down the narrow valley, trees and brambles climbing higher on either side.". Report going from Forest1 to Forest2: say "You pass between the two huge trunks and enter another part of the forest." Report going from Forest1 to Edge of Ravine: say "[one of]Keeping your eyes fixed on the light, you tread carefully over the slippery ground, but not carefully enough: suddenly your foot slips and you slide and stumble down an embankment onto a wide ledge, shaken but unbruised[or]You remember the embankment here this time, and jump off it past the muddy slope that will prevent you from returning this way[stopping].".

Some clusters of deep-green fronds are a setpiece in Forest1.