Blue Lacuna — 180 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Lawn

The prose name of Lawn is "the mountain summit". The description of Lawn is "[lawndesc].[checklawnchapter]".

To say lawndesc:

if raining begin; say "Misty rain whips past your head, the hot summer storm drenching you. The twirling mist hides most features of the summit; the [o]crack[x] and [o]streambed[x] near the edge of the cliff, the top of the ropeway [o]turnaround[x] and the cable vanishing into clouds below, and around the corner, the strange [dr]structure[x]";

otherwise; say "This wide, rolling lawn of wild grasses rests just underneath the summit of the mountain, and overlooks a tremendous [o]view[x]. Cable swoops up from far below to end here at a simple [o]turnaround[x]. A "; say "[if pressure of the related pipe of the pyramid pressure gauge >= 5][o]spring[x] bubbles[otherwise]dry [o]streambed[x] meanders[end if] from a jumble of boulders halfway up the lawn, arcing lazily through the grass before finally "; say "[if mountain-spring is pristine]vanishing into[otherwise]tumbling into space near[end if] a [o]crack[x] at the cliff's edge";

end if;

say ".[paragraph break]The grass rises gently [if dir][east] [end if]towards a strange [dr]structure[x] ahead, half-hidden by the summit's overhang";

say "[if bucket is enclosed by location].[paragraph break]The [o]crate[x] hangs from the cables, swaying gently in the breeze[end if]".

The exits text of Lawn is "Other than via the ropeway, [if Cliffside is visited]or [down] the crack, [end if]the only other place to go seems to be [if dir][east] [end if]towards the [dr]structure[x] at the meadow's end". Understand "structure" as east when location is Lawn.

Lawn-stuff is stuff in Lawn. Understand "lawn/overhang" as Lawn-stuff when location is Lawn.

First Check landmark-going when location is Lawn or location is Observatory Exterior: say "You'll have to get down from the mountain, first." instead. Check landmark-going when player is in bucket: say "You'll have to get out of the ropeway crate, first." instead.

The lawntop-view is a backdrop. It is in Lawn and Observatory Exterior and Atop and Saddle. Understand "view/island" as lawntop-view. The printed name is "view of the island". The description is "From this high point you have a tremendous view of all the island. You can see how it is structured almost like a dumbbell or figure eight: the mountain [if location is Lawn or location is Observatory Exterior]you stand on [end if]at one corner and the volcano at the other are linked by the black lava flow streaming from the ruined side of the caldera, which runs neatly into [if location is Atop or location is Saddle]the steep spur you stand on[otherwise]a steep spur jutting out from the mountain below you. High atop the spur is the giant windsigh, almost at the geographic center of the island[end if].[paragraph break]The island's west side comprises the marsh, the lagoon, and the light forest on the slopes of the volcano; the east side is mostly filled with a plateau covered with dense rain forest. To the south, the mountain drops off dramatically into a sea-swept ravine, separating it from the rain forest plateau, and to the north and east the mountain slopes down in a more gradual if treacherous fashion to rocky shoreline.".

lawncheck is a number that varies. lawncheck is 0. To say checklawnchapter: if pyramid has power and lawncheck is 0 begin; now lawncheck is 1; end if.

First Instead of going down in Lawn when mountain-spring is pristine and the pressure of the related pipe of the pyramid pressure gauge >= 5: say "Sheer cliffs drop off at the edges of the lawn, and the crack is mossy and wetted by the streambed. Other than using the ropeway, you see no easy way down." First Check going down in Lawn when player is wounded: say "With this leg, you aren't likely to be climbing any time soon." instead.

The lawncliff is a backdrop. It is in Lawn and Observatory Exterior. Understand "cliff/cliffs" as lawncliff. The printed name is "cliff". Instead of climbing or entering lawncliff: try going down.

The ropeway-summit apparatus is a setpiece in Lawn. Understand "wood" or "wooden" or "bumper" or "ropeway/turnaround" as apparatus. The description is "Much simpler than the station below, all you see is a large post supporting a flywheel, where the cable does an about turn and heads back towards the cliff, and a wooden bumper designed to stop and support the crate when it's here.". The dream-text of ropeway-summit apparatus is "spare flywheels". Check entering ropeway-summit apparatus when bucket is enclosed by location: try entering bucket instead.

Report going from Lawn to Observatory Exterior: say "Feeling exposed in the fast-moving breeze of the mountaintop, you cross the lawn and enter a half-shielded cirque.".