Blue Lacuna — 2 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Intelligent Hinting

Understand the command "solve" as something new. Understand the command "suggest" as something new. [ For this release, we haven't fully enabled IH.]

Winning-The-Game requires Homeworld-Sequence, Lacuna-Sequence, Twoworlds-Sequence, Endgame-Sequence.

Extended-hint-mode is a truth state that varies. Extended-hint-mode is true. [ true=Intelligent Hinting includes hints and color. false=bare minimum path to finish the game.]

Homeworld-Sequence is a puzzle. Lacuna-Sequence is a puzzle. Twoworlds-Sequence is a not sequential puzzle. It requires Rebelworld-Sequence, Treeworld-Sequence. Endgame-Sequence is a puzzle. [ Finding-The-Egg is a task. Powering-Both-Devices is a task. Opening-The-Pyramid is a task. Contacting-All-The-Trees is a task.] [ Reaching-Rebelworld is a task. Finishing-Rebelworld is a task. Reaching-Treeworld is a task. Finishing-Treeworld is a task.] Completing-Progue's-Character-Arc is a puzzle. Finishing-the-Epilogue is a task. Meeting-Progue is a task.