Blue Lacuna — 90 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Not Understanding

[ This is not a verb, as we always cause the conversation to fail at the parser level, not the NPC level. This prevents NPCs from professing ignorance over things the player expects them to know about. ]

Rule for printing a parser error when parser error is did not make sense in this context and Finishing-The-Prologue is complete:

if a conversing person is enclosed by the location begin;

let myinput be indexed text;

let myinput be the player's command;

replace the regular expression "discuss " in myinput with "";

if myinput matches the regular expression "^(examine|x) " begin; say "Normally, you can just type an emphasized topic word alone to bring it up in conversation. If you need to, you can use the verb DISCUSS to differentiate, say, examining a person from asking them about themself." instead;

otherwise if the number of words in myinput > 1; say "If you're trying to converse, it's best to stick with typing one single emphasized keyword." instead;

otherwise; say "If you're trying to converse, make sure you're typing an emphasized keyword[one of]. [convohelp][or]. [convohelp][or]. [convohelp][or].[stopping]" instead;

end if;

otherwise; say "[as the parser]You used either a verb or a keyword I don't recognize, at least not in that combination.[run paragraph on][as normal]";

end if.

To say convohelp: say "Type HELP, select 'Detailed Instructions' then 'More on Conversation' for more help interacting with people."