Blue Lacuna — 6 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Beginning Play

[The functionality here, to ensure the player gets to choose keywords they can see before the game proper begins, was later worked into the Highlighted Keywords extensions.]

When play begins: follow the very-beginning rule.

This is the very-beginning rule:

clear the screen;

if Milestone mode is true or final release mode is true begin;

let ready-to-go be false;

let show-toc be false;

say "Welcome to [o]Blue Lacuna[x], release [release number].[paragraph break]If no words above were [one of]blue[or]emphasized[stopping], press K now.[paragraph break]Press [t]N[x] to begin from the beginning, [t]R[x] to restore an existing story, or [t]C[x] to show the Table of Contents.";

while ready-to-go is false begin;

let k be 0;

while k is 0 begin; let k be the chosen letter; end while;

if k is 82 or k is 114, restore the game; [ restore ]

if k is 67 or k is 99 begin; now ready-to-go is true; now show-toc is true; end if; [ table ]

if k is 75 or k is 107 begin;

try setting the keyword style;


end if;

if k is 89 or k is 121 begin; [ yes ]

try setting screen reader mode;

say "[paragraph break]Press any key to continue.";

wait for any key;

now k is 78;

end if;

if k is 78 or k is 110 begin; [ new ]

now ready-to-go is true;

end if;

end while;

end if;

if show-toc is true, show table of contents;

else clear the screen.

To restore the game: (- RESTORE_THE_GAME_R(); -).

To restart the game: (- @restart; -).