Blue Lacuna — 477 of 498

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Final Question

[The new print the final question rule is listed instead of the print

the final question rule in before handling the final question.]

First before handling the final question rule when the game ended in victory:

if topics-window is g-present, shut down topics-window;

say "Press any key...";

wait for any key;

if the psyche of Progue is ignorance, stop; [If we shot ourselves during the Path of Love]

say "[one of][endsummary][or][stopping]".

To say endsummary: say "[paragraph break]Your ending, like your story, was defined by your choices:[paragraph break]";

say " -- to put [if we chose love]love above art[else]art above love[end if] (out of 2 options)[line break]";

say " -- [if The-Path-Of-Love has happened]to stay with Rume rather than answer the Call[else]to answer the Call rather than stay with Rume[end if] (out of 2 options)[line break]";

say " -- [if story mode]story over puzzles[else]a story with puzzles and problem-solving[end if] (out of 2 options)[line break]";

say " -- [if player is hale]to proceed with care rather than risk injury[else]to act boldly even though injury resulted[end if] (out of 2 options)[line break]";

say " -- to develop a relationship with Progue based on (out of 12 options):[line break]";

say " [if affinity of Progue > 0]friendship, not enmity[else]enmity, not friendship[end if][line break]";

say " [if submission of Progue > 0]dominance, not deference[else]deference, not dominance[end if][line break]";

if paternalism of Progue >= 2, say " paternal feelings[line break]";

if romance of Progue >= 3, say " romantic feelings[line break]";

[ say " all of which led Progue to nickname you [animal-nickname] (out of 15 options)[line break]";]

say " -- [if end-rebels]to give Lacuna to the people of City, rather than Forest[else if end-trees]to give Lacuna to Forest, rather than the people of City[else]to reject the choice between City and Forest (out of 3 options)[end if][line break]";

say " -- [if ending_2c1 is spoken]to kill to defend that choice[else if ending_1a is spoken or ending_1b is spoken or ending_1c is spoken or ending_1d is spoken]to force Progue to make the final choice[else if ending_2a1 is spoken]to force Progue to fight to defend his decision[else if ending_2b1 is spoken]to force Progue to accept that that choice was no longer his to make[else if ending_2b2 is spoken]to defend that choice even in the face of Progue's desperation[else]to defend that choice against Progue[end if] (out of 6 options)[line break]";

say " -- [if ep_likeRume]to end your story with Rume[else if ep_likeProgue]to help Progue find his daughters[else]to continue your path alone[end if] (out of 3 options)[line break]";

say " -- [if suicide-flag is true]to finally, in the end, choose annihilation[else if second-choice-art is true and we chose love]to finally, in the end, choose art[else if second-choice-art is true and we chose art]to reaffirm your choice of art[else if second-choice-love is true and we chose art]to finally, in the end, choose love[else]to reaffirm your choice of love[end if] (out of 4 or 5 options)[paragraph break]";

say "In addition, the story you heard (out of the cloud of stories within Blue Lacuna) involved hearing [the number of spoken beats] out of [the number of beats] possible bits of dialogue, visiting [the number of visited rooms] out of [the number of rooms - 6] locations, and participating in [the number of completed episodes] out of [the number of episodes] scenes with Progue, over the course of [turn count] turns.[paragraph break]";

say "If you choose to explore the story again, you can type BACKSTAGE at any prompt to have access to a number of tools that will show you more clearly the mechanics of the story, and allow you to customize things like Progue's feelings towards you and which ending you're aiming towards.[paragraph break]";

say "Press any key...";

wait for any key;

say paragraph break.

Rule for amusing a victorious player:

say "Have you tried:[line break]

-- flirting with Progue till he invites you on a date? convincing him you're real by kissing? or slapping him? [line break]

-- staying with Rume? Or finding a way to return?[line break]

-- turning the ear on the clockwork head in the Treehouse dream sequence?[line break]

-- rescuing Progue in the tsunami? Being rescued yourself? Finding him but leaving him behind?[line break]

-- switching from being Lethe to Phoebe and back again during the argument at the 'Overgrown Path' flashback?[line break]

-- Trying to jump over the chasm or climb to the top of the mountain and breaking your leg? Before Progue's decided you're real? After?[line break]

-- Looking at the sun as it's setting to see the blue flash? More than once?[line break]

-- Seen the star-rain wit";

say "h Progue? Been gifted a sweater? Built sand castles with him?[line break]

-- Reading the moonlight version of the message in the prison cell on the secret island?[line break]

-- Finding the beached shark by visiting the bottom of the ravine after the tsunami? Saving it?[line break]

-- Pushing Progue's sculpture off the edge of the volcano (during or shortly after a rainstorm), then speaking to him?[line break]

-- Taking off your clothes in front of Progue?[line break]

-- Washing off your face paint and carrying around a garden spade when in the Heart of the Forest, to see how people treat you when they don't know you're the visitor?[line break]

-- breaking and entering in City? getting arrested there?[line break]

-- asking the City historian about Weaver Greeneyes?[line break]

-- meeting the old woman in Forest who sings you a song?[line break]

-- destroying the pyramid machinery after visiting both worlds? setting it for a password that's different than the one you gave either side? Lying to Progue about which side you chose?".