Blue Lacuna — 437 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Top of Spire

Top of Spire is a room in Plateau.

The description of Top of Spire is "You stand on a short, rocky spire atop a great sloping [o]ridge[x], running far off towards snow-capped mountains in the distance. Below you the ridge top is dominated by more windsigh forest, but a cleared grassy avenue runs toward one gigantic withered [o]tree[x], towering over all the rest at the highest point of the angled slope[if unvisited], and at once you sense that this whole ridge is somehow centered around and exists for that single tree[end if]. [paragraph break][exits][tosdesc2].". To say tosdesc2: say "[if unvisited].[paragraph break]Your heart catches for a moment as you take in another detail: you can also see [o]people[x], clad in red, walking amongst the trees or tending to plants along the avenue[end if]". The exits text of Top of Spire is "Carved stone steps run [down] the spire towards the avenue, and a path leads back [d]around[x] the spire to the overlook". Understand "path" or "around" as east when location is Top of Spire. Understand "steps" or "avenue" as down when location is Top of Spire.

The distant tree_people is a backdrop in Top of Spire. Understand "people" or "red" as tree_people. The description is "You can make out few details from this distance. Perhaps a dozen are in sight."

The ridge is a backdrop in Top of Spire. The description is "The flattened ridge, dense with forest, runs off towards the distant mountains. On either side it drops off steeply toward valleys far below.". Instead entering or climbing ridge: say "It's far off in the distance.".

Report going from Top of Spire to Reflecting Pool: say "You walk down the worn stone steps to a grassy field at the base of the outcropping."