Blue Lacuna — 405 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Presence Convo 4

dream4-presence is a dream presence in Dream4Nexus. The icebreaker of dream4-presence is d4_icebreaker.

FourthDT is a thread.

d4_icebreaker is an exciting repeatable beat in FourthDT with reaction "[d_attention].". d4_icebreaker summons d4_1. d4_icebreaker suggests d4_icebreaker. d4_1 replaces d4_icebreaker.

Understand "mind/minds/presence/presences" as d4_1 when last beat is in FourthDT. d4_1 is a beat in FourthDT with reaction "They are glad you wish to hear.[paragraph break]The concepts come more quickly now. An image takes shape in your mind, and very quickly you are able to identify it as Progue. A strange mixture of emotions swirls around their conception of him: unalloyed joy and [t]surprise[x], at first, but then great [t]frustration[x].". d4_1 suggests d4_2. d4_1 summons d4_frustration, d4_surprise. d4_2 replaces d4_1.

Understand "frustration" as d4_frustration when last beat is in FourthDT. d4_frustration is a beat in FourthDT with reaction "You sense that their communication with you is vastly easier than it was with him, that, for a long time, he did not even realize their soft whispers were different from his own subconscious urges-- and acted accordingly.". d4_frustration enqueues d4_2.

Understand "surprise" as d4_surprise when last beat is in FourthDT. d4_surprise is a beat in FourthDT with reaction "They had been alone. They had expected to always be alone. And then there was another. Progue. Their astonishment and joy were limitless. For another meant friend, and friend meant help. And help meant a chance to finally realize their abandoned dreams.". d4_surprise enqueues d4_2.

d4_2 is a beat in FourthDT with reaction "Another image takes shape in your mind: a great device, glowing, egg-shaped, atop the mountain on Lacuna. It came with them but was broken. Progue helped them repair it.". d4_2 suggests d4_3. d4_3 replaces d4_2. d4_3 replaces d4_2.

d4_3 is a beat in FourthDT with reaction "It takes a long time for the next concept to become clear. They are trying to explain to you what the egg device does, why it is so important to them. Finally you think you have it: it connects them to the millions of other minds, the community, their civilization. Without it they have only each other. Without it they are stranded on Lacuna. Once Progue fixed it, they could rejoin their kind, and for that they are eternally grateful.". d4_3 suggests d4_4. d4_4 replaces d4_3.

d4_4 is a terminal beat in FourthDT with reaction "You sense there is an unfinished part of the story, something else they asked of Progue. But the minds have grown weary from communicating so much, and already they are receding again, slipping back into the static of memory. Moments later, they are gone.".

[The presence returns, as if some sinewy tall librarian is standing behind you, observing. ]