Blue Lacuna — 402 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rebel Convo 3

A box of watercolors is an undescribed container in Dream3Nexus. It is closed and openable and fixed in place. Understand "watercolor" as box of watercolors. The description is "No, that's wrong: you'd long since moved past this cheap dime store set by now, bright primary colors stamped into the plastic case. But here it is[if closed], lying closed atop the hope chest. You wonder if the tiny ovals with their congealing powdery paint are still inside[end if].". A folded note is inside box of watercolors. The description is "You carefully unfold the note, written on large-ruled paper in pencil, and recognize your own handwriting.[paragraph break][i]I still haven't explained who we are. Sorry for that. So much to explain, so little bandwidth. For now just know that I am here to present an opposing viewpoint. At tremendous expense to an entire government, I might add if it will pique your interest.[paragraph break]We're still working out some kinks with the Beast. It's my hope we'll soon be able to talk directly, if all goes well. In the meantime, I certainly hope you've realized these aren't just dreams. They're not. Rather important things hang in the balance. So do try to pay attention.[paragraph break]Time's up. Oh well. I like you better than the last one, at any rate.[r]". Instead of taking box of watercolors: say "For some reason, it is nailed to the hope chest; but it looks like you could still open it.". Report opening box of watercolors: say "You swing the flimsy plastic lid open, but the row of colored ovals inside is gone; only a small folded [o]note[x] fills the space." instead.

The hope chest is a closed locked undescribed container in Dream3Nexus.