Blue Lacuna — 395 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Rebel Convo 1

Every turn when location is Dream1Nexus and d1-rebletter is off-stage and the player has been in Dream1Nexus for at least 2 turns and conversation fuse >= 1 and active presence is not in location and yourself is asleep:

move d1-rebletter to location;

move gloved hand to location;

say "Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a gloved hand push a [o]letter[x] through the mail slot in the front door. It falls with a tiny crinkle to the wooden floorboards.";

The gloved hand is set dressing. The description is "Already vanished.".

[The letter can be open or closed. (And is uncloseable once opened). When it is closed we understand "seal" as letter. ]

The d1-rebletter is an undescribed container. It is closed and openable. Understand "letter/seal" as d1-rebletter. The printed name is "letter". The description is "[if d1-rebletter is open][d1rebmsg][otherwise]The fine parchment, a rich and creamy brown with flecks of texture, is neatly folded into thirds and closed with a red wax seal, adorned with a stylized symbol of a bare foot pulling itself free of entangling vines.[end if]". To say d1ltrapp: say ". A[if d1-rebletter is closed]n unopened[end if] [o]letter[x] lies near the door".

To say d1rebmsg: say "Written immaculately in dark ink on the inside, in a fine, cursive hand, are the words:[paragraph break][i]Testing, test, test, test.[paragraph break]One two three. How are--- are we---[paragraph break]Testing. Testing. Te---[paragraph break]I don't think it's working.[r]".

First report opening d1-rebletter: now d1-rebletter is unopenable; say "You break the seal on the letter and unfold it, parchment crinkling heavily under your fingers. [d1rebmsg]" instead. Instead of opening d1-rebletter when d1-rebletter is open, try examining d1-rebletter. Instead of reading d1-rebletter, try opening d1-rebletter. Instead of closing d1-rebletter when d1-rebletter is open, say "You've already broken the seal.". Instead of attacking d1-rebletter when d1-rebletter is open: move d1-rebletter to Your Bedroom; say "You rip the letter into tiny shreds, which fall to the ground and sink into the gaps in the floorboards and vanish.". Instead of attacking d1-rebletter: try opening d1-rebletter. Instead of burning d1-rebletter: move d1-rebletter to Your Bedroom; say "You toss the letter into the fire, where it immediately catches as if made of gasoline and in moments has disintegrated."