Blue Lacuna — 388 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Generic Dream

GenericDream is a room in Dreamlands. The printed name of GenericDream is "".

Having a Generic Dream is a recurring scene.

Having a Generic Dream begins when

the player is in GenericDream and

the player is asleep.

Having a Generic Dream ends when

the player is awake.

notrefreshed is a truth state that varies.

When Having a Generic Dream begins:

if Tsunami Sequence is happening:

say "You stretch out on the [surface-material], but you find that sleep will not come. Finally, you stand to your feet again.[wakeupearly]";

otherwise if the number of contacted windsigh trees is at least 7:

say "Stretching out on the [surface-material], you close your eyes and finally drift off into a deep, unbroken sleep.[paragraph break]You do not dream.";


say "[one of]You sleep fitfully. Strange, half-grasped images and tableaus drift vaguely: Rume and [the Progue] locked in some tiring cyclical debate, incomprehensible; [remembered thing] and [remembered thing]; ticklings of worry with no quantifiable origin.[paragraph break]But above and inside, omnipresent, some distant presence clings to the edge of consciousness, almost lost yet naggingly present, like whispers heard from a muffling distance that hobbles any vestige of meaning to a syncopated susurrus, alternating white noises and silence.[or]Again, your dreams are unsettling, filled with images of [remembered thing] and [remembered thing]. You feel as if ideas are on the verge of bubbling to mind's surface, and again have the sensation of whispers, or perhaps just voices, but so far away that you cannot hear what they are saying.[paragraph break]You awake with a start, covered in a sheen of sweat. It is still dark. Though you still feel tired, you find you cannot stay in this spot; sleep will not come.[wakeupearly][stopping]";

wake up now.

To say wakeupearly:

now the time of day is three hours before the time of day;

say sleepsuggest;

summon Progue to Ledge;

Progue starts resting;

now notrefreshed is true.