Blue Lacuna — 39 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Emphasized Keyword Processing


Precedence rules:

Mistakes always take precedence over non-mistakes.

A more specific grammar line takes precedence:

"a door" is more specific than "a thing"

"a robust thing" is more specific than "a thing"

"a thing" is more specific than "any thing"

Earlier lines of equal specificity take precedence.

Ergo, the following lines are in order of precendence.


Understand "[a metalike prop]" as examining by name.

Understand "[a metalike thing]" as examining by name. [ If we need to discuss a thing, add a check rule (see distant-tree3 in Lacuna). ] [This is distinct so that takeable things will be selected before background objects without disambiguation questions. Players can always "x something" to disambiguate as normal.]

Understand "discuss [any metalike beat]" or "[any metalike beat]" as discussing.

Understand "[any landmarkable room]" or "go [any landmarkable room]" or "go to [any landmarkable room]" or "go back to [any landmarkable room]" as landmark-going. Definition: a room is landmarkable if it is landmarked and it is visited.

Understand "go to [a direction]" as going. Understand "go in to [something]" as entering. Understand "go down [something]" as entering. Understand "go up [something]" as entering.

Understand "[any seen thing]" as remembering. [ See Remembering for definition of seen.]

Understand "examine [an unimplemented door]" or "x [an unimplemented door]" as a mistake ("[as the parser]Most of the time, exits are more useful for moving towards than examining more closely. In this case, there are no further interesting details to be seen.[as normal]").

Definition: a thing is metalike if 1 is 1.

A door can be either implemented or unimplemented. A door is usually unimplemented.