Blue Lacuna — 375 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Bring Me

[Progue, sick and in bed, asks the player to bring him something from the ledge. If the player complies, and depending on what the player brings, adjust points accordingly. ]

[Bring Me is a scene. Bring Me begins when the psyche of Progue is emotional and Progue is enclosed by location and we are going and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds.

When Bring Me begins:

pre-conversation processing;

force discuss bm_intro.

bm_intro is a beat with reaction "Progue coughs, weakly. 'Nice of you to visit,' he wheezes, 'my old hallucination. If only that were all you were. I might be able to die with some dignity.[paragraph break]{In this scene Progue asks you to do something for him. Based on your actions, you can either strengthen or weaken his paternal feelings towards you (moredad or lessdad) or his feeling of submission to you (moresub or lesssub).}".

Bring Me ends when we have discussed bm_intro.]

[Brought Me is a scene. Brought Me begins when Bring Me has happened and Progue is enclosed by location and the psyche of Progue is emotional and the player carries berry-fruit.]

[ what could we bring Progue? hammer, sketchbook, berries, compass, seed cones, konokuk, leaves, seashell