Blue Lacuna — 360 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Constant Ringing

[An unaffinitive episode. Progue serendipitously runs into the player in a grouchy mood, rubbing his head, and confronts you about that ringing noise-- that's only started since you've arrived, and gotten worse. Then things get nastier: if the player hasn't made much progresson the "leaving" front Progue berates him. Can end in physical violence or an apology. ]

Constant Ringing is a serendipitous guaranteed triggered episode. The subchange beat is cr_avoid. The boredom beat is cr_avoid. The bye beat is cr_avoid. The abruptbye beat is cr_avoid. The icebreaker is cr_intro.

The allow Constant Ringing rule is listed before the Progue is chattier the more he likes you rule in the condition rules. A condition for Constant Ringing (this is the allow Constant Ringing rule):

if affinity of Progue < 0, rule succeeds.

CR is a thread. cr_intro is a beat in cr with reaction "'Could tell you were getting closer,' he says with a frown, rubbing his temples with a free hand. 'Wish you'd stop that [cr_noise]. Not very nice. Gushing cruel, actually. Don't know why you keep doing it.'".

Understand "noise" as cr_noise when last beat is in CR. cr_noise is a beat in cr with keyword name "noise" and reaction "'That grating whine, scratchy upper pitches rubbing and clawing gainst one another,' he says in a grouchy tone, shooting you an accusing glare, 'seven or eight warbling tones all blurring through discordant frequencies. Like a drill boring straight through my braincase. Stronger when you're around. [cr_listen], can't you hear it? Since you've arrived. What, pleading [cr_ignorance] I suppose?' he adds accusingly.". cr_noise suggests cr_ignorance.

First Instead of listening when last beat is in CR: force discuss cr_listen. cr_listen is an ephemeral beat in cr with keyword name "listen" and reaction "You stop and listen, but all you can hear is the sound of the surf.".

Understand "ignorance" as cr_ignorance when last beat is in CR. cr_ignorance is a beat in cr with keyword name "ignorance" and reaction "He grimaces[if noun is cr_ignorance] as you respond, as if your words are making the noise louder[else], as if your mere presence is making the noise louder[end if].[paragraph break]'Look and look,' he says, 'I've already told you you came here by mistake. I've already said I'd help gather what you need to leave. You're stirring things up, toppling them down, spoiling the soupworks with too many wrenches. To fly true to the nest, [animal-nickname], [if submission of Progue > 0]I wish you'd leave, and you're making me miserable[else]I don't like you here, and you're making me angry[end if].'". cr_ignorance summons cr_good, cr_sorry.

Understand "good" as cr_good when last beat is in cr. cr_good is an unaffinitive terminal beat in cr with keyword name "good" and reaction "Progue makes a fist, then slowly releases it. Without a word, he turns away.".

Understand "sorry" as cr_sorry when last beat is in cr. cr_sorry is an affinitive terminal beat in cr with keyword name "sorry" and reaction "He rubs his forehead even more vigorously. 'Not your fault,' he mutters. 'Not your fault. After the storm, it's like something mindwards has been knocked loose, broken into fragments, sharp and hot.' He shakes his head, not looking at you.".

cr_avoid is an ephemeral beat in cr with reaction "'Don't do that when I'm talking,' he snaps at you.".

A completion rule for Constant Ringing:

follow the Progue's motivation rule.