Blue Lacuna — 358 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Uncertainty General Convo

Uncertainty General Convo is a serendipitous rerunnable frequent triggered episode. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence. The icebreaker is uc_makeconversation.

Last condition rule for Uncertainty General Convo: rule succeeds.

First finishing rule for Uncertainty General Convo:

if Progue is idle, rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Uncertainty General Convo:

now Progue is attentive. [If this is selected from a HELLO, the episode gets shut down before it has a chance to begin without this line.]

uc_makeconversation is a repeatable beat in UncertainC. Check discussing uc_makeconversation:

let beatlist be {uc_chat1, uc_chat2, uc_chat3, uc_chat4};

remove the list of spoken beats from beatlist;

sort beatlist in random order;

if the number of entries in beatlist is at least 1 begin;

force discuss entry 1 of beatlist instead;


force discuss uc_intro instead;

end if.

uc_intro is a repeatable beat in UncertainC with reaction "'[one of]Greetings[or]Good [progue-time-of-day][at random],' he says[one of][archetype-unc-greeting][or][generic-unc-greeting][at random]?'". To say archetype-unc-greeting: say "[if neurotic dad], running a nervous hand through his hair but smiling at you fondly, 'how's my [boygirl][else if father knows best] confidently, 'how's my [boygirl][else if bitter dad] weakly, eyeing you with an appraising frown, 'what is it you want now[else if disciplinarian] loudly, frowning at you, 'getting into more trouble, are you[else if toady], dropping what he's doing to focus on you eagerly, 'everything going smooth-smooth[else if lover or twitterpated] with a wink, kissing your hand deftly, 'how's my favorite [boygirl][else if enemy], not meeting your eye, 'found something new to bother me with[else if slave] with a whimper, edging away from you subtly, 'wh- what do you want from me now[else if bitter lover or shattered lover] with a sarcastic twist, looking away from you, 'but didn't I tell you to leave me alone[else] with a grin, nodding in your direction, 'hope all's going splend and charm for you". To say boygirl: say "[if player is male]boy[else]girl". To say generic-unc-greeting: say "', [one of][animus-business][or][attitude-business][at random], '[one of]things going well[or]all smooth with you[or]enjoying yourself, I hope[at random]".

uc_chat1 is a beat in UncertainC with reaction "'I saw a [uc_ghost] yesterday,' he says lightly. 'A real one this time, I mean. See, I told that visions would be coming.'". uc_intro replace uc_chat1.

Understand "ghost" as uc_ghost when last beat is in UncertainC. uc_ghost is a beat in UncertainC with keyword name "ghost" and reaction "'Oh yes,' he says. 'Not a very good one,' he says, waving a hand dismissively. 'Just the usual thing. Face of my mother, your doom is at hand, something thatwise.' He shrugs. 'Mayhaps that tsunami shook them up a bit. Anyway what I can I do for you?'".

uc_chat2 is a beat in UncertainC with reaction "'You're looking a bit on the wan side,' he says. 'Been getting enough sleep? Not still sleeping under those mangled [uc_windsigh], are you? Thought I warned you thatwise.'". uc_intro replaces uc_chat2.

uc_chat3 is a beat in UncertainC with reaction "'I dreamt last night,' Progue says abruptly, not looking at you. 'I don't, usually. Not where I sleep. But I did dream. Of... of [uc_3her].'". uc_intro replaces uc_chat3.

Understand "her" as uc_3her when last beat is in UncertainC. uc_3her is a beat in UncertainC with keyword name "her" and reaction "[if affinity of Progue >= 2]'My... my wife,' he says slowly, 'the mother of my girls. She... died, before we came here. I'd almost forgotten her. No,' he adds firmly, 'no, that's not true. I'd just locked her so deep I never...' He takes a deep breath. 'But I saw her face again, in this [uc_3dream], like I haven't seen it in green eons.'[else]Abruptly, he stiffens. 'None of your business really,' he says. 'What is it you wanted?'[end if]".

Understand "dream" as uc_3dream when last beat is in UncertainC. uc_3dream is a beat in UncertainC with keyword name "dream" and reaction "'She came to me,' he says vaguely, 'dressed in white, trails of fabric rippling behind her for miles, miles. She asked me where our daughters were.' He shivers suddenly. 'And I had to tell her, tell her I didn't know.'[paragraph break]'She came closer, almost and almost touching me, and said that was all right, don't cry, everything was fine. She could find them. She could find them anywhere in the world, as long, as long as I could tell her what world they're in.'[paragraph break]He puts his face in a hand, and takes a deep, shuddering breath. 'She didn't understand,' he mutters, 'why I couldn't tell her. She was confused. She was angry. Then, at long last, only sad. Only, only sad.'[paragraph break]He takes another breath, then tries to smile the tears away. 'I'm sorry,' he says, 'just a dream. What did you want to talk about?'".

uc_chat4 is a beat in UncertainC with reaction "'Strange [progue-time-of-day],' he says vaguely, [animus-business]. 'Strange [sc_shades] in the mind, on the horizon. Don't know what to make. Don't know.'". uc_intro replace uc_chat4.