Blue Lacuna — 355 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Uncertainty Setup

Transition Progue to Uncertainty is a scene. Transition Progue to Uncertainty begins when the psyche of Progue is uncertainty. Transition Progue to Uncertainty ends when Transition Progue to Uncertainty begins.

When Transition Progue to Uncertainty begins:

truncate the list of convo stuff to 0 entries; [get rid of old keywords]

[repeat with bt running through beats summoned by suppression keywords begin;

now fuse of bt is 0;

end repeat;] [ and keep them from coming back. ]

now episode schedule is Table of Uncertainty Episodes;

now current_thread of Progue is UncertainC;

now the conversation_beat of Progue is uc_makeconversation; [these two lines were commented out; why? ]

now the exhaust_beat of Progue is p_unc_exhausted;

now the overexhaust_beat of Progue is p_unc_overexhaust;

now the disgusted_beat of Progue is p_unc_dontlike;

now the dontlike_beat of Progue is p_unc_dontlike;

now the bored_beat of Progue is p_unc_bored;

now the unavailable-beat of Progue is p_supp_unavailable;

now the noanswer_beat of Progue is p_unc_noanswer;

now the angryending_beat of progue is p_unc_angryending;

now the randomyes_beat of Progue is p_unc_randomyes;

now the randomno_beat of Progue is p_unc_randomno;

now the rudebye_beat of Progue is p_unc_rudebye;

now the abruptbye_beat of Progue is p_unc_abruptbye;

now the redundantbye_beat of Progue is p_unc_cantfollow;

now the redundanthi_beat of Progue is p_unc_cantfollow;

now the bye_beat of Progue is p_unc_bye;

now disposition of Progue is 0;

now the naughttosay_beat of Progue is p_unc_naughttosay.