Blue Lacuna — 326 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Futzing At South Beach

[ If the player breaks his leg, he will be unable to get to the Ledge for the default venue of Crack Coaxing. If they catch Progue cleaning the beach and manage to corner him in Among the Boulders, we begin Crack Coaxing here. ]

Futzing at South Beach is a frequent rerunnable triggered rendezvous episode with expiration date 2 hours and meeting place Among the Boulders.

A condition for Futzing at South Beach:

if night, rule fails;

if location is Rise and ( the player was in Stumps or the player was in Hot Springs ) , rule succeeds.

A commencement rule for Futzing at South Beach:

summon Progue to South Beach;

move distant-Progue to location;

say "Off towards the [if dir]south[otherwise]opposite[end if] end of the lagoon, [the Progue] [one of]trolls the shallows with his fishing line. As he sees you he quickly pulls in his line[or]stands bent over the surf, his arms full, a swath of immaculately tended sand behind him[in random order]. He sees you at about the same time you see him and startles, jumps towards the forest, but stops dead and shakes his head.";

now Progue is wishing;

follow the Progue's motivation rule.

[When the player leaves, Progue escapes]

A finishing rule for Futzing at South Beach:

if location is South Beach or location is Lower Beach:

say "A furtive movement catches your glance off by the [if location is Lower Beach][d]beach[x] near the boulders[else][d]boulders[x][end if], as well as a cough and whispered curse.";

if location is Stumps or location is Hot Springs or location is Hut or location is Saddle or location is Fork or location is Among the Boulders, rule succeeds. [So that Crack Coaxing can begin.]

A completion rule for Futzing at South Beach:

if Progue is not enclosed by location:

summon Progue to Ledge;

Progue starts hiding.