Blue Lacuna — 318 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - CC Hinting

[Stuck players get a hint when going to the Rise that they can climb the crack (if they've never done it) or that that's where Progue is hiding out.]

Crack-Coaxing-Hint is a scene. Crack-Coaxing-Hint begins when the psyche of Progue is fear and time for excitement, ignoring drama and location is Rise and ( former location is North Beach or former location is Hot Springs ) . Crack-Coaxing-Hint ends when 1 is 1.

When Crack-Coaxing-Hint begins:

assuage boredom with "cc hint";

say "From the corner of your eye, you catch a hint of furtive movement from the ledge halfway up the distant mountain[if Ledge is visited], halfway up the crack[else] along the vertical crack that splits it. You wonder if it's possible to climb the crack up to the ledge[end if].";

move distant-ledge to location.

The distant-ledge is minor set dressing with printed name "distant ledge". Understand "ledge" as distant-ledge. The description is "The ledge is bisected by the crack that runs up the mountain's cliff.".

[For players who reach the ledge but don't realize they need to say "hello" to begin the conversation.]

Crack-Coaxing-Jumpstart is a scene. Crack-Coaxing-Jumpstart begins when current episode is Crack Coaxing and time for excitement, ignoring drama and Progue is enclosed by location and Progue is idle. Crack-Coaxing-Jumpstart ends when 1 is 1.

When Crack-Coaxing-Jumpstart begins:

pre-conversation processing;

force discuss cc_jumpstartgreeting.